Saturday, July 28, 2012

GlossyBox July 2012

Here is my second GlossyBox & this was the make it or break it box on whether I'd keep my subscription or not. Let's take a look inside & see what I got this month :)

GlossyMag on top of my GlossyBox

This time around, I actually got shipping confirmation & tracking from GlossyBox. That was a definite improvement from last month's box. I also noticed that the outer shipping box was harder to open this time, another improvement from the easy-to-open box from last month!

Beautiful packaging

Description of the theme

The theme for this month's box was summer nights. Unlike last month's box, I can see the theme more prominently in this box's products.

Look at my lovely goodies!


  • ALESSANDRIO INTERNATIONAL Pedix Heel Rescue Balm: This foot cream oil imported exclusively from Germany provides intensive protection & nourishes skin, leaving it soft & supple. $18.50 for 100ml full-sized 
    • I got a 30ml sample which is ~$5.55. I never have particularly dry skin on my feet, but I will be using it on days where I've worn sandals/flip flops too much.
  • SEBASTIAN Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampoo: Smart color moisture complex that targets your color-treated strands, to deeply moisturize & restructure hair fibers wherever needed most. $14.95 for 8.4oz full-sized
    • I got a 1.7oz sample which is ~$3.02. It's unfortunate that I don't have dyed hair at the moment. I'll just save this sample for when I do in the future...
  • SEBASTIAN Color Ignite Multi Tone Conditioner: This micro-bubble conditioner whips, wraps & wows your strands leaving your hair with long-lasting color & vibrant shine. $16.95 for 6.6oz full-sized
    • I got a 1.65oz sample which is ~$4.24. Again, too bad I don't have dyed hair...
  • FIGS & ROUGE Lip, Face & Body Balm: This gorgeous tin is filled with a 100% pure & natural skin balm, a multi-use wonder product that will keep your skin feeling soft & beautiful throughout the day. $6.00 for 0.26oz full-sized
    • I got a full-sized sample, woot! I tried this one out & the texture of the balm felt more like Vaseline to me. However, I like the scent, it's lovely.
  • SENNA COSMETICS Mineral Eyes Shadow Trio: This silky pressed mineral eye shadow trio in metallic or matte colors gives you a hypnotic yet polished finish with amazing dimension. $24.00 for 0.14oz full-sized
    • I got a full-sized sample again! I love the color palette I got (cloud 9) & I can't wait to try it out later. I need tips from my bestie on how to best apply it *giggle*
  • A special treat for you: BLUSHED fragrance by RUDDY WATER features notes of bright red currant & rich vanilla, wrapped around subtle sweet lemon, slightly spicy ginger & kissed with a hint of sugar. Take, tuck or share this fragranced towelette. It's scent will make you blush. $22.00 for 24 pouches
    • I got one pouch which is ~$0.92. The scent emanating through the packet smells lovely. I'll definitely be trying this out sometime during the summer.
  • TOTAL: ~$42.81 for all products minus the bonus item

My goodies all laid out to show off!

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this box compared to last month. I'll definitely be keeping my subscription to GlossyBox for another month!


  1. That is awesome! I have been checking it out, I love the glamor one I have right now but I have been thinking of switching.

    1. They do have a GlossyBox in Europe so I'd definitely look into it! It's the first time I've ever really done these monthly subscriptions :)