Sunday, July 8, 2012

GlossyBox June 2012

Ever since it's anticipated release in the USA, I have been curious about GlossyBox and whether or not to get a subscription. GlossyBox is basically a monthly beauty subscription much like Birchbox and MyGlam, but you pay $21/month (pricier than other beauty subscriptions) for 5 travel sized items. Anyhoo, I decided to try GlossyBox for one month to see if I liked it. Let's see what I got :)

Outside box

I was excited to come home to see my GlossyBox waiting for me after work on the July 3. I was thinking that I better get something good if I paid $21 for it. I was pleased with the packaging...until I tried to open the box. The adhesive was so easy to open that you didn't need to pull away. That frightened me since anyone could have just opened the box & taken the contents out.

Little beauty magazine

Pretty light pink box

I love how sturdy the light pink box was. I will definitely be reusing this box to store all other goodies in it in the future! At least I know part of my $21 went to a nice box, lol :P

Pretty packaging

Description of the theme of the box 

Let's get this opened!

Viola, here are the contents!

The theme for June's box was summer simplicity. However, after seeing the contents, I'm not exactly sure how any of these products scream this month's theme. Actually, I was disappointed with the contents of the box. Maybe I had a high expectation since last month's box was so awesome (Burberry, Zoya, etc.).

  • AHAVA Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash: Formulated with rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals & soothing natural moisturizers, this velvety cream wash gives an extra hydration-boost with a sweet uplifting scent. $22 for 17oz full-sized
    • I got a 3 oz sample which roughly costs $8. I like how this company doesn't test on animals & that this body wash is for sensitive skin. I like the scent of this one, not something that I would pick for myself if I saw it in stores. My skin felt all soft after just one use & my skin didn't get irritated :)
  • FIRST AID BEAUTY Smooth Shave Cream: Smooth Shave Cream is a gentle, non-irritating formula containing everything you need to obtain a close, long-lasting shave. Keep your legs looking smooth & sexy all summer long. $16.50 for 6.8 oz full-sized
    • I got a 2 oz sample which roughly costs ~$4.85. According to the container, it is a "fab antioxidant booster" & that the benefits include "minimizes nics & razor irritation; provides a close, long lasting shave; softens, smoothes & moisturizes." I haven't tried this yet. Well I tried it & it did give me smooth legs. Let's see if helps with long lasting shaves.
  • OFRA COSMETICS Eye Shadow ICE: Dab on this primer infused color intensive, creamy eye shadow & stand out in any crowd. Remain beautiful for your long summer adventures. $14.95 for 0.47 oz full sized
    • I got a full sized sample of this in dumb plum. I'm slightly confused since it's eyeshadow, but it's in a lipgloss-like container? Anyhoo, I'm makeup illiterate so I'll figure out how to use this, lol.
  • vBEAUTE Lite Up, Buying Time & Eye Never: Give your face the treatment it deserves with this skin care trio including face serum, cream & eye gel. $150 for 1 oz (Lite Up full sized), $135 for 1.7 oz (Buying Time full sized), $85 for 0.5 oz (Eye Never full sized)
    • I got 0.33 oz samples of each which is roughly ~$4.95, ~$2.62 & ~$0.56, respectively. I honestly don't have much interest in this product, but I'll give it a try regardless.
  • WELLA PROFESSIONALS Enrich Moisturizing Treatment: Create free flowing hair with this lightweight treatment containing silk extract that instantly restores your mane. $12 for 5.07 oz full sized
    • I got a 3 oz sample which is roughly ~$1.99. I like the smell of this sample & I have never used any treatments for my hair. Sadly, this product is for fine or normal hair...I have thick hair. I wished GlossyBox surveyed us again for what type of hair we have before putting in this product. Also, apparently lots of consumers had this product spill in their box so there's been complaints aplenty.
  • A special surprise treat for you: Take a walk in the park with this delicious daytime fragrance Urban Organic from A PERFUME ORGANIC. The combination of lavender & grapefruit makes for a fresh & citric scent. $65 for 0.41 oz full sized
    • There's no size on the packaging, but that's okay since this is a bonus item. Honestly, I didn't like the scent & the sample was only half full. 
  • TOTAL: ~$37.92 for all products minus the bonus item

A closer look at the contents

Overall, I was disappointed in this box since there wasn't a lot of products that jumped out at me that I'd use. However, I will stay for July & see if it's a subscription worth keeping. Maybe they just had an odd month *shrugs*


  1. I LOVED my June Box! I wonder why you got different products!?

    1. I think maybe we got different things cuz of the beauty profile we did when we first signed up? I dunno, I find that odd, too! :P

    2. OH yeah could be! Forgot about that! I figured everyone would get the same items. Oh well, I'm excited about July's box :D

    3. I can't wait to see what's in July's box as well :P

  2. You got much cooler items than I did.

    1. I still wonder why we got different items though! I hope next month is better though :P

  3. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks like you did good for your $$ :)

    1. I did get my money's worth, that's for sure :P