Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just Another Week...

I started off my week by writing an incident report on myself. Why you ask? A resident basically ran his electric wheelchair up my half my right calf while I was in his room working with my patient. I found out the next day that he was joking with me, but I could have broken my leg. Luckily, I have no bruises or anything! I think all the adrenaline helped since I was in shock at what was happening before my eyes. The guy seriously has some behavioral problems...

Fast forward to Friday where I had a glorious burrito bol from Chipotle! I mean, just look at how glorious it is *drools* It was a wonderful dinner to be watching the opening ceremony with ;)

The biggest burrito bol ever!

On Saturday, I headed to Victoria's Secret to redeem their special offer of a free white undies with purchase. I must say that VS has good timing with this gal getting hitched in a few short weeks! Here's a sneak peek below:

"Bride" with hearts in the lace

Just my sister's turtle with paper butterflies she made

Today, Vinh & I headed to the historic part of Campbell to enjoy our morning. We had brunch at Aqui's & I got buzzed from their industrial strength mimosa, haha! Their aqui hash was absolutely delish *drool*

My aqui hash & mimosa *drool*

Now I'm just enjoying watching the coverage of the Olympics right now & soon Vinh & I will hopefully finalize our ceremony content & whatnot (yes, we procrastinated, haha) :P


  1. mmm look at all that delicious food. Glad you weren't seriously hurt, but definitely need to be careful.

    1. Yup, the food was delicious! It was definitely not expected that the resident would run me over. It was on purpose so that sucked majorly!