Sunday, July 22, 2012

Less Than One Month To Go!

Can you believe it?! In less than a month, I'll be Mrs. Mai ♥ There's still oh so much to do but here's a quick review of my week starting with my dress fitting :)

On Tuesday, I had to work in both San Jose & Castro Valley. I actually did my first home evaluation in Castro Valley *giggle* Anyhoo, I asked for a shorter day on Wednesday since working at two facilities kills me. I went in about 20 minutes early to pick up my dress & the alterations section of David's Bridal was super busy. I ended up going into one of the regular fitting rooms outside the alterations section to try on my dress since I didn't want to wait. I can say that I don't have to do another fitting, woot woot! I made sure it fit by walking, speed walking, jumping (to make sure my girls won't make an appearance) & sitting. I'm so glad that they got the fit right the first time!

Pieces of lace not sewn down yet

However, I noticed that they didn't finish sewing all my lace details on the bodice so I'll be picking up my finished dress (that'll also be steamed) on rehearsal day. It better be all done or I'm gonna go into bridezilla mode (which I have not gone into yet).

Look at all the unsewn pieces :P

On Friday, I had a pretty awesome day at work. My first resident of the day said "you should get a blue ribbon for being the first person to figure that out!" He was referring to placing his tray close enough to him to eat comfortably (it's usually to the side of him). That totally made his meal more enjoyable! After, my resident with a fresh amputation improved greatly this week & his caregiver actually brought in his spinning wheel for us to see! He makes the below spinning wheel all by hand & it takes him about 3 months to complete. Impressive, no? :)

Front & back of my resident's spinning wheel

Left & right side of my resident's spinning wheel

Later that evening, Vinh, my sisters & I headed to Black Bear Diner for dinner & then to the Great Mall to do a little walking after a huge meal. I ended up buying a dark mint colored tank top from Old Navy & this cute pink bikini top from Victoria's Secret.

Itty bitty pink bikini

On Saturday, Vinh & I had a double date with Steve & Derrick. We started our day by getting 50% off burgers at St. John's Bar & Grill *drool* I love me some guaco burgers & fries with curry ketchup sauce! Afterwards, we headed to Hakone Gardens so I can give Steve an idea of how he'll coordinate for the wedding day. We also did a mini photoshoot for Steve & Derrick with me being a super amateur photographer, lol. I certainly felt like the paparazzi ;)

Playing photographer for the day

I love how serene the gardens are

Absolutely beautiful...

Also, I received several goodies in the mail yesterday. I received my postcard from Kaila, my Little Black Bag package, my wedding hanger & my Brag About It necklaces. I was certainly a very happy girl yesterday!

My lovely wedding dress hanger from Etsy

My plan for today is to have the ceremony style & content down! I seriously cannot believe that the countdown to the big day is finally beginning ♥


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend. Everything is really coming together for your wedding.

    1. Very awesome weekend! Wedding is coming together, thankfully :)

  2. Your dress is turning out beautifully!! That's awesome they got the right fit on the first go! lol would loved to have seen you jumping around and speed walking in david's bridal haha!
    You hanger is too cool! It turned out much prettier than some of the ones I've seen on pinterest. I love it with color and pearl details!!!

    You got some amazing pictures at the garden!!!! Your pictures are going to be gorgeous there!!!
    Congrats A!!!!!!!!

    1. Thankies bestie! My sister was going "WTH" while I was jumping about, haha! The hanger was too perfect to not buy, especially with the different color options :)