Sunday, July 22, 2012

Little Black Bag

Have you ever head of Little Black Bag? It's basically like a monthly subscription, but with a twist. First you take a style quiz that'll help the stylists on the page figure out what you like. After the quiz, you can browse through the gallery & pick one item that you want. The other two items will be picked randomly for you. You pay for that bag & then the two mystery items will be revealed. You can choose to trade your items with other people until you get items you like. Once you finished trading, you can tell LBB to ship your bag & they will!

Hot pink clutch

Necklace, bracelet & inside of the clutch


  • Big Buddha quilted flap clutch
  • Robert Rose cord & beaded necklace
  • Rachel Reinhardt turquoise stone stretch bracelet

The bag is $49.95 per month. I got a 10% discount thanks to their facebook page deal. I believe my whole LBB totaled to be worth around $156ish, so I only paid a third of the price! I would say it's worth it since you actually have a say in what you get with picking your first item & then trading away the two items you didn't get to choose. You can also buy additional bags during the month if you wish :)


  1. I've seen this but I wasn't so sure about getting it. Though it looks like you got some really nice items. I like the clutch!!

    1. Yea, I liked this first batch of items. I may try again. The clutch is DEF my favorite :D

  2. Anything pink is super cute!

    1. I can agree with ya there!