Saturday, July 28, 2012


Oborocharms is a cute little shop run by the lovely Kim. I first stumbled across Kim's work on her deviantart when she made little sets. I have been following adorable work her ever since!

I made my first custom commission from Kim in 2011. I had just "graduated" from OT school & wanted something to celebrate with. I thought to myself "why not treat yourself to a cute charm?!" Thus the idea of the OT panda came to be!

My first commission: pink OT panda charm

My second custom commission came after I passed my national board exam & applying for my license to become an occupational therapist. Again, the thought of pandas & OT came into my mind & thus this cute necklace was created! The stars symbolize my cohort's nickname of OT All-Stars. I've been wearing this necklace daily at work to remind myself of how far I've come. Plus, who doesn't wanna sport a cute panda? ;)

Adorable OT panda necklace

My third custom commission was a very important one. I emailed Kim to see if it was possible to do & she very happily accepted it. I wanted custom cake toppers for my wedding & Kim was honored to make it for me. I knew she would do an amazing job & the details are superb! Look at my tiara (that's sparkly) & she even added my ear cuff to my ear.

Groom & bride ready for the big day!

My fourth purchase from Kim happened via my younger sister during Fanime. I wanted one of Kim's adorable dragaon charms & my sister headed on over to get it for me.

I love this little dragon, eek!

My fifth purchase & fourth custom commission from Kim was a custom charm bracelet. I wanted to have Vinh & I made again, but in our engagement session outfits. I also wanted Kiyore & Kiyora to be made into charms, but forgot about the fanart policy, oops! I changed them out to be yellow & pink dragons instead. Again, Kim blew me away! I've been wearing my bracelet ever since I got it in the mail.

My favorite commission thus far!

Most recently, I have backed her Kickstarter to help create more adorable owl plushies! I am so glad that she got all the funds she needed plus more to make them! I must add, I'm also very excited to get my owl plushie from her *giggle*

Showing off my Oborocharm love! :)

If you're ever thinking of getting custom charms, look no more as Kim is absolutely fantastic at what she does: making the most adorable charms in existence! Her prices are very reasonable for the amount of work she puts into making these charms for you. Also, she sells all sorts of other cute things like plushies, stationary, buttons, stickers, etc. If you're looking for quality cuteness, head to Oborocharms!

PS - Kim, I'm definitely borrowing one of my sisters' Fanime badge to come see you at your booth next year! I need to give you a real hug for making me all these wonderful commissions :)


  1. I am mad a--bout this cute little panda!! This is sooo sweet!!!

    Loving your blog,

    1. Thank you Lauren! Be sure to check out Oborocharms :D

  2. Oborocharms5:27 PM

    Ahhh how awesome!!! I remember that pink panda, it was the very first commission I did when I opened up my shop!! XD Ill have to share this on my page ^___^