Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012 Part I

There's nothing quite like the summer olympics. Sure we have the winter olympics, too, but it's just not as exciting for me compared to the summer olympics. So much more events that I'm actually interested in watching :)

Anyhoo, without comparing to 2008's Beijing Olympics, I think London did a good job with their opening ceremony. It was different & quite creative I think. The storytelling of London's history was done quite well. I loved the ending of the industrial era with the olympic rings rising to the air & having it rain down :)

Set fire to the rain? LOL! Image found through Google

Another part I liked was the part with all the famous literary characters in London's history. Lord Voldemort anyone? Too bad he got taken down by like a bajillion Mary Poppins' :P

Lord Voldemort made an appearance! Image found through Google

I think my favorite segment has to go to Mr. Bean & his part in the symphony & his daydreaming. I was cracking up & he didn't utter a single word. Still making future generations laugh :)

LMAO, Mr. Bean... Image found through Google

I thought the final torch lighting was actually quite creative. First off, it wasn't an olympian that lit up the final torch, it was seven potential future olympians. Next, the torch didn't even look like a torch until it was raised up to look like one. It was pretty gorgeous. I think it just sucks that it's so short that people outside the stadium cannot see it :/

Very creative way to light up the final torch! Image found through Google

First shocker of the olympics goes to Lochte winning the 400m & not Phelps (didn't even medal)! I'm glad that Phelps took the loss like a trooper though & didn't give some stupid excuse on why he didn't win. With that, Lochte gave the USA our first gold medal...which almost didn't happen if he didn't take out his red, white & blue grill that he wanted to wear onto the podium -__-;

Kudos to Lochte for winning USA's first gold medal!

What event am I most excited for? Badminton, of course! I am rooting for my man Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia to kick some major ass! However, I'm also excited to see Phelps' last Olympic swims! Viva la olympics ;)


  1. I haven't been watching. Looks great though! My fave is volleyball.

    1. Volleyball is fun to watch, too! I'm just addicted to the Olympics right now :P

  2. Love love love watching the olympics! xo