Monday, August 6, 2012

Alex Goot's Kickstarter

Alex Goot is an independent YouTube artist that I was introduced to back in February 2011 thanks to Vinh randomly searching. Ever since then, I've loved all his original songs & 95% of his covers. He wanted to release his independent album "In Your Atmosphere" & decided to set up a Kickstarter in February 2012 to raise funds for it. I decided to help out & donate to a great artist. Needless to say, he got funding goal in two days. Months later on August 4th, I received my rewards for helping fund his endeavors!

Gooties Cooties package


  • exclusive t-shirt
  • exclusive autographed poster
  • autographed physical copy of "In Your Atmosphere"
  • digital copy of "In Your Atmosphere" delivered one week prior to release date
  • access to exclusive Facebook group

My signed poster & CD :)

As for the actual musical content written all by Alex Goot in his new album "In Your Atmosphere," let's say I love it! I have always been a fan of his original work more than his covers. I believe my favorite single from his CD is The Real You ♥ However, all the songs are great in their own right *giggle* If you haven't ever heard of Alex Goot or heard his music, be sure to check him out :)


  1. OMG that's super duper cool!!

    1. It seriously is! Kickstarter is pretty cool :)