Monday, August 27, 2012

Bridal Shower

On Thursday 8/16, I had my bridal shower! My friend Iris planned everything for me & it went absolutely perfectly. It all started with Sonya coming to pick me & Paula up. I knew where we were going since Iris spilled the beans on that: Agape Grill.

Agape Grill

Right when I arrived at the party, I got sash'd & had a tiara placed upon me. Shortly after sitting down, Iris spills her whole cup of water accidentally, but it got the party going, haha! Iris had two fun games picked out like a scavenger hunt in your purse in two teams, which my team won! Then we played another game that had certain topics like "nicknames for Vinh" in which they would try to make answers for using letters in my first name (nicknames started with A). Oh the answers that were made, haha! After we ate all our food, Iris bought me some sort of bachelorette alcoholic beverage that tasted like pineapple & really strong booze. Come to find out later that it was Crown.

With my bachelorette drink

Shortly after my drink was brought to me, Iris presented me with a cappuccino cake that I had the pleasure of cutting *drool* Then Meridith went & bought me the same drink, but I had to down the darn thing in five minutes since we had to get to our next destination!

My beautiful cake :)

Practicing cutting the cake, haha

My wonderful bridal shower gals

Afterwards, Michelle drove Iris, Paula & I to San Francisco to the California Academy of Science Nightlife event. It started to rain so we rain through it & the fog to get into the museum, haha. We had fun walking around & lookin' at all the cool exhibits. Lots of people kept thinking it was my birthday until they realized my "bride to be" sash, haha!

In the aquarium area

Saying g'bye to the T-Rex

We spent about an hour at nightlife before dropping Iris home & then getting stuck in traffic due to a nasty accident on 101-S. Before getting on 101-S, we almost got ran over by the SF Muni bus on the rails since we happened to be where it was turning towards, lol. Thank you to all my ladies who came out to celebrate my bachelorette status one last time :D


  1. bachelorette alcoholic beverage hahaha
    Your bridal shower was so much fun! Iris did a great job planning it all out! I'm so glad I got to meet all your friends! They were all super nice and so much fun to hang out with.
    The nightlife event at the museum was too cool! Even the full out run in the fog to the door.
    I finally got to see the rooftop ufo!
    Yay for Michelle driving us around crazy SanFran streets! She deserved an award for all her parking skills!
    It was a great night even getting stuck in traffic and almost squished by the tram (totally forgot to put that in btw). ;)

    1. I'm glad you had so much fun, dork!
      LMAO, I added in the tram, bahahaa! XD