Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm a Married Woman!

You can call me Mrs. Mai from now on! That's right, I got hitched on August 20, 2012, our 10-year anniversary! I will blog about all my wedding festivities eventually, but I shall leave you with 23 previews by my awesome photographer at SimplyTwo Photography :)

First text messages to each other - *click photo to enlarge*

First look - *click photo to enlarge*

My parents giving me away - *click photo to enlarge*

After being pronounced mr. & mrs - *click photo to enlarge*

Some alone time with the hubsta - *click photo to enlarge*

Amazing venue - *click photo to enlarge*

Amidst the bamboo forest - *click photo to enlarge*

Lady GaGa aka Paula photobombing like a boss - *click photo to enlarge*

We went to "Sonoma" - *click photo to enlarge*

Creeping up for our first look - *click photo to enlarge*

One happy internet meme wedding party - *click photo to enlarge*

Bromance - *click photo to enlarge*

Pokemon within - *click photo to enlarge*

Sexy garters revealed - *click photo to enlarge*

A little dip in the street - *click photo to enlarge*

Nuzzlin' - *click photo to enlarge*

Walking hand in hand - *click photo to enlarge*

Jumping to your love - *click photo to enlarge*

YMCA - *click photo to enlarge*

Oh snap, being kidnapped - *click photo to enlarge*

Vinh's pissed - *click photo to enlarge*

Kidnapper vanquished - *click photo to enlarge*

Awesome biker dudes - *click photo to enlarge*

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did!


  1. I love the Photos. You look absolutely beautiful.
    congrats love

    1. Thank you Michelle! :)

  2. Annie!! You look stunning! Love the photos!
    Congratulations to you both :)
    And smack Vinh around a bit for the sandwich remark ;)

    1. Thankies zombie queen!
      I replied with "Bitch plz, you're the one working in the kitchen" ;)

  3. Congratulations!
    The pictures are amazing and adorable. Just what i would expect. <3

  4. Yay!! Congratulations~~ Can't wait to hear the whole story and see more pictures.

    1. Thanks Cindi! I think it'll be the longest blog post ever :P

  5. LOL at Vinh's text! ;)

    You made such a beautiful bride!

    Oh and you know I've been calling you Mrs. Mai since you got engaged! LOL ♥

    1. Thank you Mrs. Younger! You were one of the first peeps calling me Mrs. Mai, haha ♥

  6. I absolutely love your photos, they turned out fantastic.

  7. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Amazing photos! You look so beautiful! My favs are the evening pictures!

    1. Thank you Tara! We had to get night shots this time around *giggle* :)

  8. LobsterJohn's talent is truly amazing! He has ninja skills! haha
    Your photos turned out gorgeous! One of my very favorites is the one with your mom and dad! SO stunning!

    1. Lobsterfest is definitely amazing at what he does, friggin' ninja! ;D