Friday, August 31, 2012

My Amazing Wedding

Alrighty, here's your warning: long blog about my wedding day ♥

It all started with me only getting like 3-4 hours of sleep & ended up waking up early. The girls & I decided to peek out onto the lawn to see if the guys left a mess on the lawn with their shenanigans the night prior. We about died laughing when we saw a tripod sitting out on the lawn. The day prior Lobsterfest (our photographer) said that he almost lost his tripod because he left it at a restaurant, lol! We all headed out to retrieve what we hoped was Lobsterfest's tripod before heading to get some free continental breakfast.

LMAO Lobsterfest's tripod

Shortly after getting back to our room with our food (which I dropped my toast as I was opening the door *sigh*), Lobsterfest knocks on our door. We open it & he brings us bananas from the continental breakfast, lol. He said that he got locked out of the room, bahahaa! We showed him the tripod & after a few minutes of thinking, he said that he didn't remember bringing his tripod out last night, but it was his. After Lobsterfest left, I went to shower before getting ready for my big day. I sent Vinh a text since I couldn't see him 'til our first look. Paula was my fabulous makeup artist & hair stylist for the day *giggle* Lobsterfest was in the girls' room to take photos of my dress, me getting ready & all the important details like the rings, decorations, etc. He decided we should have music & he pulled up the Top 40 list & was all "Jesse McCartney?!" & then "How Do You Sleep" comes on. Needless to say, Paula & I were crackin' up laughing! When it came time to put on my dress, Lobsterfest had to turn around while the gals helped me in. I got stuck thanks to me still wearing shorts so I had to hike up my dress to take them off & I'm all yelling "don't turn around John!" :P

Doncha love my curlers? ;)

After getting dolled up, I had to wait for our first look. The girls decided to take fun photos, which included jumping on a squeaky bed ;) All the groomsmen came over later to help us ladies pack up the cars to get ready to go. I was told later by Vinh that the room we didn't have to pay for, they cleaned it up to look like no one lived there & then housekeeping came by to check & was fooled by how well they cleaned it up, lol!

I have the cutest gals ever :P

After goofing off & packing everything up into cars, Lobsterfest tells Vinh to wait in a certain spot for me. Then he comes to get me to lead me to my future hubsta! We did our first look in the brush area of the parking lot, lol. Before I started walking into the area, Lobsterfest goes "watch out for the poop!" LMAO! Anyhoo, I started walking towards Vinh & the look on his face when he turned around was absolutely priceless. After enjoying our little private time, we rejoined our group & we all set out for this one vista point on highway 9. There we decided to take some group shots & have some fun before being fried by the sun. Afterwards, we headed back to Vinh's home to perform a prayer & tea ceremony for Vinh's ancestors. Then we headed to my place to say hi to the fam before going through McD's drive thru & to Hakone Gardens.

Once at Hakone, Steve was already there to unload his car full of our stuff to set up. We did more group photos as well as two cinemagraphs before having to hide in the tea house while guests started to arrive. We had Steve babysit RJ while we did our group photos, it was pretty funny watching Steve push little RJ around in his red car, lol! While hiding in the tea house, I decided to take peeks outside as guests were arriving...

The peeking bride? :P

I do believe that I kept saying "I'm gonna throw up" while waiting in the tea house. Waiting was nerve wrecking! I realized that afterwards I told William to get the wedding bands & then he asked "should I keep it in the flower or should I put them in my pocket?" I told him as long as he didn't lost them, he can choose how to keep them. I didn't realize he was so nervous since Paula told me later that his hands were shaking.

Chillin' with my girls :)

Well at 5PM, the time finally came for us to start lining up & walking out to the ceremony site. Paula & her men had trouble walking through the tea house doors, lol! On the other hand, I had trouble walking in due to me constantly stepping on my dress. Thank goodness for mommy dearest holding my dress down the aisle *giggle* I loved seeing Vinh's face as I walked up to him one last time as his fiancee! You can check out our ceremony style as well :)

Ready to get hitched :P

The moment that Mr. Lavelle pronounced us as Mr. & Mrs. Mai was simply amazing! I loved walking back down the aisle as a married woman & seeing all the love & support from everyone around us. It was even better walking down to our wedding song "I Love Your Existence" by Alex Goot ♥

Walking down as hubsta & wifey :)

Afterwards, we took a big group photo with everyone that attended & then all the family/friend group photos. Vinh & I also snuck away for a bit for our couple shots as well as the groomsmen & bridesmaids group shots.

Elaine, me & Meridith

About 15 minutes before we had to leave, Iris goes "Annie, bouquet toss!" Vinh & I weren't planning to do either the bouquet or garter toss, but we figured why not. We had an impromptu reception for our friends, haha. I ended up tossing to a bunch of gals, but...

Helen Ye won the bouquet! I'll let you watch videos of the garter retrieval & toss below ;)


Paula, Lobsterfest, me & Sonya holding my boob, lol

Afterwards, Vinh, Paula, Lobsterfest & I headed to La Fondue for our dinner reservation at 7:30PM. None of us had fondue before so it was an experience to be had. Before we headed to our seats, we waited a bit, had some jellybeans & then a lady walked by & was all "You got married?! You look 12!" Story of my life, lol. We ended up getting two 4-course meals that included a cheese fondue, salad, entree & chocolate fondue dessert. Our dinner was around 3 hours long! After the cheese fondue & salad, I really had to use the restroom & I went all by myself without the assistance of anyone to hold my dress ;)

We found out that not only is Lobsterfest a good housewife with his ironing skills, he can cook as well in his OCD ways, haha! We had some interesting meats like kangaroo, boar & antelope. My favorite was the kobe beef though, simply delicious! At one point, our waitress was refilling Lobsterfest's water & he turned around going "whoa!" since she wore black & she was basically like a floating head, lmao! Lobsterfest also went to get jellybeans from the front so that we can do a jellybean toast with them with our chocolate fondue. Guess our waitress felt sorry for us so she brought us Sprite in champagne flutes with a cherry in it, lol!

Toasting with jellybeans, lol

Om nom nom chocolate fondue

After being stuffed silly, we wandered around the basically deserted downtown Saratoga. Lobsterfest took night time shots of Vinh & I before dropping us off at the Inn at Saratoga for the night. Vinh & I checked into our suite close to 11PM. Loved how awesome our suite was & we enjoyed our first night together as hubsta & wifey ♥

Welcome to our suite!

King sized bed

2 sofas & a coffee table

Flat screen TV & desk

Jacuzzi & shower stall

Jacuzzi with a TV & fridge filled with soda & water

G'night folks ;)

PS - All photos from the wedding are from Paula, family & friends :)


  1. You are so gorgeous, and your wedding looks like it was absolutely divine!
    Congratulations, darling... you are so lucky, and I wish you both such happiness and love! *hugs*

    1. Thank you so much Emily! <33

  2. I must say I enjoyed your blog immensely getting to relive all our most random and funny moments! *starts laughing from the moment I saw the lone tripod next to the now infamous statue* I don't believe any other wedding could EVER top yours. It was all so happy and spontaneous! ;)
    From the statue party the night before, spending girl time doing hair and makeup, getting to watch my bestie walk down the aisle *squee*, making Lobsterfest cook our dinner, and to the most amazing night shots! It was all so incredible!!!
    You and Vinh are 2 of the most amazing people! Congratulations bestie!! love you fo life!

    1. I don't think it would have been half as fun had you not been here to share it with us! Best wedding EVER! Thank you bestie/bridesmaid of mine, love ya :DD

  3. Beautiful photos Annie! Congrats again! You made a beautiful bride. :)

  4. A your wedding looks like it was such an amazing day and you make a stunning bride!! Im so glad P got to share the day with you!!I love the video of the bouquet toss :) Love You xxx

    1. Aww, thank you L! Wished you could've been here as well, love ya <33

  5. Ahh the suite! *__________* It looks soooooo nicee :D

    My favorite photo would be the night shots one omg it's so beautifully taken alkdshnalfkdg <3

    Congrats again Mrs.Mai :DDDDD!~~ ♥

    And I think I'm glued to that vid. *grins* Annie's voice too cute!! LOL :D

    1. Some of my favorites shots would be the night ones, too! I love how it looks glow-y & not dark *giggle* My voice *hides* :P


  7. Wooooo! I can't believe you've already been married for almost two weeks! Your wedding is are beautiful...your bridesmaids are beautiful...the venue is beautiful...your husband is beautiful (errrr, what?) Lol. Is it weird to say "husband"? You should say it as many times as you can, to everyone you meet :P

    1. I can't believe it either, eek! Thank you, thank you! It actually isn't weird at all; I think it was harder saying fiance, lol. Oh believe me, I've been using "husband" all the time at work ;)

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Awesome, sounds like an amazing day!

    1. It most certainly was! :D

  9. Amazing! Congrats again Mrs. Mai!!

    1. Thank you Mrs. Huynh :D