Monday, August 27, 2012

Pre-Wedding Activities

After my bridal shower, there were plenty more pre-wedding activities & prep work to be done!

Rehearsal day was on Friday where the whole wedding party met each other. Afterwards, we went with all the men to pick up their tuxedo rentals from Elite Menswear. I made each groomsmen try on their tux to make sure they were all fitted properly before we left the store. After that, I had to head to David's Bridal to pick up my wedding dress. I decided to try it on to make sure everything was sewn on...which it wasn't. There were still pieces that weren't sewn on so I made them sew it together on the spot before I left the store. They steamed it free of charge as well, woot! The gals met up with the guys at Yardhouse for happy hour.

With my pineapple express & William's half yard of beer

Vinh more than buzzed...

Let's just say Vinh found out his alcohol limit that day & I had the pleasure of playing his therapist & cleaning up the mess at the restaurant & the car. Also, I had to end up driving John home after this *insert sarcasm* lovely experience which took about an hour more. You could say that bridezilla almost came out at this point since the men pretty much messed up the groom...& I had to take care of his butt *sigh*

Blackmail of William being fed by John

After getting Vinh all cleaned up at home, he passed out in bed for like 10 hours. Paula & I decided to sneak off for a bit to Aroma to get some milk tea *giggle* We were happy that Vinh didn't stumble down the stairs & get a concussion...

I was awoken by my future hubsta around 4AM-5AM since he had slept enough & I had a lack of sleep taking care of his butt. I passed out again until we decided to go to Boiling Crab for lunch. Vinh has been dying to try this place out for ages, haha. Before heading there though, we stopped by Lion plaza & bought some green waffles, rambutans & a moon cake for Paula to try.

Making our mark at Boiling Crab

We're ready to get messy!

Afterwards, I dropped Vinh off at home so that he can get picked up by his groomsmen for his bachelor party. Paula & I headed to the Great Mall for some shopping. I ended up buying two cute tops from Aeropostale & Papaya as well as a new wallet from Coach. After dinner, we headed back to the apartment where we found ourselves in the middle of the Birds movie. There were TONS of crows flying in the air as we were unloading the car! After failing to get a photo for the crow madness, I finally had time to open all my bridal shower gifts :)

All my bridal shower gifts :)

Bag of beauty products & a frame pic from Iris

Tea cup thingy from Michelle

Cooking supplies from Meridith

Target giftcard from Vannary

Gorgeous vase from Judy

After opening all my wonderful gifts, I had to get to work on wedding prep. Vinh's mom, Paula & I went through tying ribbon on 76ish wedding favors. Then Paula & I traced out 75 quarter-sized paper circles which I then proceeded to draw as Pokeballs for our guestbook. That took about 2-3 hours worth of work. Then I started making a to do list for tomorrow before the big day arrives. Let's say I was in slight panic mode when Vinh came home from his bachelor party at around 2AM.

The day before the wedding was spent printing out the Pokemon iron-ons for the groomsmen shirts, picking up Lobsterfest & showing him the ceremony venue, dropping off ceremony items with my sisters/Steve, going to Shane Co. to clean our rings (they need to bling like no other) & pack up to go to Los Gatos Lodge.

The women's room

After checking into our rooms, the gals immediately chose room #203. The men went into #204 & immediately smelled nasty cigarette smoke. I went back to the lobby to change their room to #205 which smelled of chlorine, lol. Anyhoo, since #204 & #205 had a connecting door, we decided to steal both rooms since there'd be five men & a baby staying there, lol. Paula & I then proceeded to make the Pokemon shirts, which proved difficult since we cut the images out & then had a hard time peeling the backing off. Sonya arrived shortly after the first shirt & we had five people working on these stupid shirts, lol! Talk about having a panic attack peeling away backing :P

Lobsterfest is also a good househubby ;)

Soon after finishing the dang shirts, William & John arrived. However, they left again to go buy more booze. Henry & his baby RJ was also on their way to the lodge, but decided to go buy some booze as well.  We ended up having drinks & watching The Hangover in the girls' room. Lobsterfest ended up getting smashed & called some place & left a message saying "Hey we're hungry & we need some food. We'd like some falafels & baklavas. This is for Vinh & Annie's wedding." We about died laughing (even more so that he has no recollection of this at all)! Before the movie ended, all the men heading outside to the lawn to go take drunken pictures while violating a horse & bear statue (yes, I saw all 76 crazy photos, great blackmail btw).

Vinh presenting John with his Charmander shirt

The night pretty much ended with the women hiding the booze while the men were outside taking drunk photos & violating the horse & bear statues & then kicking the men to their rooms. This was around 2:30AM. Of course in their drunken states, they were super obnoxiously loud so I walked on over to their door, knocked & yelled "the bride would like to you all to shut the fuck up!" Let's say it was dead silent after that & I walked back to my room & slammed the door for good measure. The men behaved afterwards for the most part. I found out later when I said that that Vinh was all "dude, she is pissed!" I also heard from Lobsterfest that everyone was so scared shitless when I said it & that's why everything went silent, lmao! Thus ends the pre-wedding post & the next post will be of the wedding day ;)


  1. This post made me laugh so much!!!! The night before the wedding ended up to be so hilarious and much fun! Awesome editing of your bridal shower pics! :) :)

    1. I kept giggling while typing this whole entry out, too stinkin' funny! :D