Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012 Part II

Let's say I was sleep deprived at work because I stayed up late watching the coverage of the Olympic games. What can I say? I'm an Olympics junkie :P

I would have to say the highlight of my week is watching Michael Phelps' last few races of his Olympic career & becoming the most decorated Olympian with 22 total medals! There were definitely some great races seen this week & I love it :)

Congrats Michael!

Today, Vinh & I woke up at 5AM to watch the final match of the mens singles. It was basically a rematch from the Beijing Olympics between my favorite player, Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia & my not so favorite player, Lin Dan of China. These two played all three sets & the last set was so friggin' intense with them going at it point for point. Alas, my heart broke when at set point Lee Chong Wei lost by hitting the birdie out *bawls* What sucks even more is this is rumored to be his last Olympic games *bawls some more* I think my heart broke the most during the medal ceremony. You could tell he wanted the gold so bad & he fell short by two points. It looked like he was trying hard to not break down while on the podium :(

Lee Chong Wei, you hold the gold medal in my heart

Right after the game was over :'(

Medal ceremony *cries*

Other highlights of the week included team USA's womens gymnastics team winning gold in the team event as well as the singles all-around! Also, amazing swims by Missy Franklin, Allison Schmidt & 15-year old Ledecky :)


  1. At least he got silver but that is too bad he lost out on his gold medal again :(
    I've absolutely loved watching swimming! Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin were amazing! I'm sad it's over I'm not much of a track & field person :( I hate the coverage that nbc is doing. Some sports they only show like 3 competitors and I miss seeing most of the medal ceremonies! It's been fun seeing Will & Kate at the venues though!

    1. Yea, silver looks better than gold & he has a heart of gold compared to Lin Dan *slap* Yea, coverage this time is crappy! :(