Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Theme is Sex!

I'm pretty sure you all are quite curious about that title, haha! Anyhoo, one of my OT coworkers had the week off so the rest of the OTs had to fill in by taking a few of her patients. That is where the subject line begins...

On Monday, I had one patient that was somehow transferred to me from the OT away on holiday. To be honest, no one wants to work with him. Anyhoo, we somehow got onto the topic of my marriage & he was saying "oh, he's going to turn you Vietnamese by injection *wink*"

On Tuesday, the same patient above was telling me how to make a baby boy or a baby girl. He was saying that if a woman's satisfied, she'll have a boy. He was also telling the PT I was co-treating with to teach me since she had more experience, ughh... Then I had another patient that has had Alzheimer's for nine years now. Anyhoo, I walked in & he was calling me "bao bei," which means "precious" in Chinese, but it can also mean "mistress" in some regions. He calls me that & then says that he wants me in bed with me & goes to try to pull me into bed beside him. He failed so then he is rubbing his parts & says "I wanna stick my thing up your butt." Needless to say I was completely mortified...

On Wednesday, I finally had some time to relax with Debby, Elaine & Meridith at Yardhouse's happy hour. Let's just say I totally needed the drink & 50% food :)

Pineapple express & onion ring tower

Crab cakes, mac & cheese, ahi sliders & garlic noodles

Spinach cheese dip & margherita pizza

My youngest sister, Lonnie, turned 19 on Thursday. I took her out to dinner at Chevy's & bought her a carrot cake bundlet as well. Right before leaving for dinner, we received three huge cardboard boxes from Macy's. I thought it was a delivery mistake, but then I see my name on the boxes. Then it clicked that it was probably wedding gifts from our registry. I waited for Vinh to get home to open the boxes. We got a 12-piece bed set, two cutting boards, a pack of spatulas & a 10-piece Pyrex set from Helen & Chris! Thank you guys :)

Our wedding gifts from Helen & Chris :)

Fast forward to Saturday where Vinh & I headed to Watsonville for the Strawberry Festival. Would you believe it, it actually rained as we walked into the festival! It didn't last long thankfully. We got ourselves quite a few strawberry goodies though: strawberry funnel cake, strawberry kettle corn, strawberry/banana/peach smoothie & a reusable strawberry-shaped bag. Also, we ended up buying a few bracelets in support of Threads of Hope. Vinh ended up buying me a wooden heart-shaped puzzle box as well :)

Funnel cake, strawberry kettle corn & smoothie

Friendship bracelets from Threads of Hope

Vinh & I also received a card from his family in Texas. They sent a card congratulating us as well as a check for $300. They said they couldn't make it, but hope that we have a wonderful wedding.

Front & inside of the card

I also received my OTAC conference booklet in the mail & to my surprise, my photo was featured in it along with my team foster youth classmates! That totally made my day! Afterwards, Vinh & I started moving some of my stuff up to the apartment :)

Team foster youth presenting last October

Today, Vinh & I woke up early to watch the badminton men's singles gold match (look at Olympics post for more details). We fell back asleep afterwards before Vinh started packing some of his stuff to move up to the apartment. After lunch, we cleaned up the apartment & moved more of his brother's leftover stuff out of the room. After cleaning, we also folded 70+ little gold boxes for our wedding favors & started stuffing them. On the way home, we headed to Michael's so that I could buy floral cloth wire for my paper flowers to make my bouquet :)

Look at all the tea we have for our wedding favors & day!

15 days & counting until the wedding day!


  1. Oh geez that is awkward. I don't know how you can put up with that. My blood pressure would be so high at the end of the day. But yay for food at Yardhouse! I've yet to try their happy hour. Awesome gifts! Your wedding is fast approaching.

    1. It was very awkward, but I guess I get a ton of awkward moments compared to other therapists for some reason, lol. Yardhouse food is yummy! Wedding is fast approaching, ahhh :P