Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Day as His Mrs

Our first day as Mr. & Mrs. Mai started with us waking up to go eat our free continental breakfast downstairs. After a hearty breakfast, Lobsterfest & Paula showed up to help us get ready for our encore photoshoot! Paula dolled me up as usual while Lobsterfest disappeared downstairs for some food. Lobsterfest ended up leaving his wallet unattended so we decided to investigate it. We saw his driver's license & Vinh's response to his signature was "it looks like a sperm!" We later told Lobsterfest that we went through his wallet & Vinh told him what he said & Lobsterfest goes "Great, now I can't UNsee it! Thanks guys!" *dies laughing* Afterwards, we left our suite & headed for Hakone Gardens as Paula rushes to do my makeup in the car. Quickest makeup session ever? I think so ;)

Lookin' cute according to Lobsterfest

We perused around Hakone doing our encore shoot sans guests. Less rushed & way more relaxed & included some photobombing. Paula left at the wrong time to use the restroom cuz she left just before a Magic Vinh moment, lmao! After finishing up at the garden, we decided to head back up to the vista point along Highway 9 for more photos. Also, please take a moment to watch this educational video for future photographers ;)

Shortly after this video was filmed, we were thinking of what poses to do next. We pulled out our 9gag meme faces & suddenly a wind blew them away. The men went to chase after our meme faces like they were the most precious things ever, lol! We recovered them all. Still thinking of what poses to do, lo & behold, two guys on motorcycles comes rollin' in. One guy was especially bent on stealing me away from Vinh. However, Vinh came to the rescue & saved me ;) We found out later that the guy that "stole me away" used to do weddings with his old Harley & that seeing us in wedding attire brought back memories so he had to stop & have some fun with us. He's actually from Australia! We all became buddies, see? That was so random & fun though since it was the first time I rode on a motorcycle!

John gettin' all the action on film

After our Highway 9 stint, we headed to our last location. We took a detour to Napa & wine country...JK! It's actually in front of the Saratoga Library, but we fooled ya, huh? ;) John maxed out on all his memory cards after this location, 120 GB to be exact! He says his weddings are usually only 80 GB, lol :P

We headed back to our apartment so that we could change out of our formal attire. With hunger beckoning us, we headed to Aroma for some late lunch. Mo (the owner) was there & when he found out that Vinh & I got married, he gave all four of us a free smashed avocado drink & a friend peanut butter & jelly prototype to Vinh. Mo is friggin' awesome! We then talked about flippin' tables & learning bad words in Vietnamese. Lobsterfest wanted to go say bad words & then flip the table of gangsta-lookin' high schoolers, lol!

With Mo, the owner of Aroma

With our free smashed avocados

Fried peanut butter & jelly prototype

We headed back to the apartment to rest until Lobsterfest's flight. Somehow, both men passed out upon arriving home. Paula & I were looking at stuff online & then I went in search of Lobsterfest & couldn't find him. Lo & behold, he passed out behind the door. I had to use all my willpower not to die laughing while trying to take the below photos! XD

Lobsterfest passed out

When it was time, we packed up all of Lobsterfest's things into the car & we jetted off to San Jose Airport. Apparently, Lobsterfest forgot something before we left the parking lot so I gave him my key to run up to the apartment. Evidently, he left his phone. You know what happens, I crack his password & we all perused his smartphone. I go to look at his messages & see "Annie Yao Mai" & I'm thinking "that's not my name, loser..." Lobsterfest comes back & I go "so who's Annie Yao Mai?" & he gives me a weird look, then goes "oh, that's my sister! WHOA, you guys have the same name!" He then realizes that we broke into his phone & is all "how'd you know my password?" LOL! He's all "don't worry, I don't add my last name to everyone's name." We dropped off Lobsterfest at the airport & said our sad goodbyes :(

After, the three of us went to Vallco to drop off the tuxedo rentals at Elite Menswear. Of course, the tuxedos in the trunk looked like dead bodies, no? We just chopped up the groomsmen & left them in body bags, lol.

The "dead bodies" lol

Dead bodies are heavy ;)

Afterwards, we dropped by my parents' place to pickup some wedding stuff to take back to the apartment, including wedding gifts, leftover favors, our guestbook & more. When we arrived back at the apartment, we ended up eating leftovers (since we had so much) & chilled. Vinh & I opened our wedding gifts from our family & friends, which was good fun! I also made my marriage official on facebook, lol :P

Officially married

& that was my first day as Mrs. Mai ♥


  1. I love reliving our adventures! It always starts out with something to die laughing about. Lately it usually starts out with Lobsterfest... We were so bad. I bet we have him paranoid from here on out about leaving his wallet or phone unattended even when unsuspecting nice girls like us are around. I don't believe he knows we have our own stalking inc.

    The "precious" meme faces were sucha hit! I can't wait to see the final pics! I still can't believe how random the motorcycle guys were! They showed up at the perfect time! Fate I tell ya!
    Mo is so nice! I wish I had a place like that here. He needs to franchise here so I can get a smashed avocado smoothie, milk tea, and vietnamese sandwiches!

    I can still see you being all what the heck?! Where's John?! and discovering him behind the door. I could have laughed forever. It's always when you try not laughing that you laugh the hardest...
    Those body bags were heavy and per portioned just like dead bodies with the shoes at the bottom... btw has anyone heard from the groomsmen... I mean I'm sure they just went on a hangover vaca or something and not stuffed in your trunk...
    not officially married till it's on fb!
    Congrats my fb officially married bestie! you're not official on blogger sidebar yet!

    1. I miss our (mis)adventures! Poor unsuspecting Lobsterfest *giggle* The motorcycles & Lobsterfest behind the door were the highlights of my day, bahahaha! *changes blogger sidebar*