Sunday, September 2, 2012

Heading Down to Pebble Beach

Can you tell my wedding was a week-long party yet? After getting some semi-good shut eye & fueling up with vegetarian Vietnamese food, we set off to Pebble Beach on August 23rd. Upon arriving at the gate, I told the guy that I was there to see my coworker & he goes "you're not on the list so I'll let you in this time, but make sure you tell her to put you on the list next time." What a lame-o. Anyhoo, after getting to the first point, I took over driving so that Vinh could snooze some more. I showed Paula where we took our engagement photos at Spanish Bay while we left Vinh sleeping in the car, lol :P

Spanish Bay @ Pebble Beach

While at Spanish Bay, we noticed there were a lot of Audi cars & have come to realize it was some sort of Audi car show/convention/gathering of lovers. While passing through the lobby, we were totaling eye-ing the refreshments...especially the giant cookies. On the way out, I decided to go grab a cookie. My goodness, I grabbed a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie & it was friggin' delicious! I shared some with Paula since she chickened out of grabbing her own. We decided to be pretend import models in front of an Audi...I fail since I had a big ass cookie in my hand :P

Import model fail

As we reached the car, Vinh was just waking up. He didn't even notice that we had been gone for a while, lol. Our next destination was the infamous beach. I say infamous because that was where Vinh & I's engagement session ended thanks to being totally blindsided by the huge wave. We promised Lobsterfest that we'd build him a memorial & below is the result, lol!

Lobsterfest memorial

We decided to make a little rock of our own since Lobsterfest got a big ol' memorial :P

Our little rock ;)

Afterwards, we finished up Pebble Beach by cruising along the 17-mile scenic drive, picking seashells & semi-freezing to death in the cold weather. Our next stop was Carmel beach. We frollicked in the white sands of Carmel & even ventured into dipping our toes into the freezing water. I was taking Paula's photo & it was like my engagement session all over again...'cept huge wave's victim was Paula this time ;)

Huge wave attacking Paula

We decided to head to the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey afterwards for some dinner. Our plan was to sample all the different clam chowders on the wharf, but we somehow got pulled into one restaurant fairly quickly. We got a free calamari appetizer since we ordered an entree. Paula & I got mango margaritas, but they tasted more like mango juice with a teensy bit of booze in it, boo! At least the calamari was delicious & fresh *drool*

My clamshell full of clam chowder

After stuffing ourselves silly & having to get to go boxes for our food, we wandered around the wharf for a little. As we were turning around to head back toward the entrance, a caricature artist started approaching me & going "Do you want to be my model? I need a model please, you don't have to buy it if you don't want to." Going with our semi YOLO theme this week, I decided to approach her as Vinh & Paula kept walking, lol. I agreed to be her model (& Vinh eventually, too) & got a knight/princess-bride caricature done of us. The lady drawing us wanted to see if she was able to draw still after having a drink since she's a weak drinker, haha. We ended up buying the caricature of us since she did take the time to draw & color us in (photo to come at a later time). Immediately afterwards, we headed to the car & went straight home for some good rest & relaxation :)


  1. Another fun day of freezing my butt off and getting sand up my shorts at Carmel. There's no other place I would rather have sand everywhere then Carmel. lol
    Thanks for taking the drive and showing me around! Glad Lobsterfest's camera got a proper burial. I would so have loved to see the faces of the next people on the beach finding that and being all (insert jackie chan face here).
    I loved looking at the cutesy houses throughout Carmel. I loved Monterey wharf as well! It was so bright and fun and the food was delicious!! If I wouldn't have been absolutely freezing I would have totally done a caricature too. I had one done when I was really little and it'd be fun to see what an "older" version would look like.
    I think this was one my my favorite makeup looks we did besides your wedding. You just looked like a total rock star with the sleek hair and leather jacket!
    The hot Audi pic makes me smile thinking of the gigantic yummy cookie that I wish I would have swiped as well... we should have just made a run for it and took the soda too... Next time we should go there for drinks and sit around the little bonfires. :)

    1. LMAO, I'd love to have seen people's reaction to John's memorial! Carmel is always a splendor to behold *giggle* I want more giant yummy cookies, too *drool* Yes, next time we'll go for drinks & bonfire *daydreams*