Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Month of Marriage

Have I really been Mrs. Mai for a month now? It seems just like yesterday that I got married to the love of my life *giggle* So what have I been up to this past month? Let's take a look shall we? :)

Zoya had a bogo of buy one, get one free & if you bought six bottles, you got free shipping. I ended up getting six since I've been dying to have new Zoya nail polishes for months, but held out because I had to pay off my wedding stuff. Now I own six lovely new shades :D

Bebe, Raven, Charla, Ivanka, Goldie, LA Pop

Annie also got with the present day & got herself a smartphone & texting *gasp* I got the iPhone 4 since I didn't care to have the latest phone in existence. I just needed a phone that'd work well & something I'd be familiar with. I bought this cute skin for it along with a little bow to protect the headphone jack from dust. Ain't my iPhone the cutest thing? ;)

My iPhone 4 :)

Vinh & I have been semi cooking of sorts. Vinh made me friend rice with shrimp, eggs & zucchini :)

Vinh's fried rice

On my first day back to work, my boss wanted a photo of me & said her boss needed it. Not really thinking why, I just let her take my photo. Come to find out that they featured me in the ARS (work company) newsletter to announce my marriage :P

Feature in ARS newsletter

Two days after returning to work, a huge tree branch fell down in our apartment complex parking lot. The white van in the photo below is the car to our right... We're so lucky we don't park where he parks, haha!

Huge fallen branch

There was an offer on Facebook by TinyPrints for 25% off a photo mug so I decided to order one using some of our wedding previews. I think it turned out pretty cute!

Our wedding party mug

Last Friday, we had to de-stress from work (well Vinh more than me), so we headed to Aqui's for some yummy food. I ended up getting the paradise patron swirl & I got tipsy, haha. Gotta love industrial strength swirls ;)

Chicken & shrimp, potato chowder & swirl

Last Saturday, we hit up the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival for fun. I ended up finally getting a toe ring after lusting for one for like a year, haha. We had a good time & then headed to dinner with my family :)

Fun times at the festival

Meals before & after the festival: ramen & Chinese

Last Sunday I was on call for work if any new patients were admitted...there were none. So I played housewife & did the laundry, cleaned the room, made the bed, did the dishes & sorted out unwanted clothes to donate. I was quite the productive wifey while the hubsta was at work. After Vinh came home, we went to get some bun bo hue & Vinh ordered the one with pizzle (ox penis). I'll admit it was good, haha :P

Laundry, bed & bun bo hue

This week was National Rehab Week & sadly our facility didn't even celebrate us therapists *pouts* We had our own party today with Indian food, yumm! One of my patients actually got 100% active participation on the omnicycle today, so proud!

100% baby!

To celebrate our one month of married-ness, we went to eat at Cooking Papa & dropped by my parents' place to pick up some mail/packages before heading home.

Delicious Cantonese food :)

Well I'm off to finish packing because Vinh & I are heading down to Huntington Beach for his classmate's wedding for the weekend, whee~


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    yay for one month! OMGOMG your phone is so cute alkdnlsafdg oωo)/////////

    haha your face is so cute in that ARS thing i wanna poke BDDDDDD

    happy one monthhhhhhhh anniversary as Mrs.Mai!! ♥ :PPPP

    1. I loooove my phone! XD
      Xie xie ni xiao bao bei ♥ :DD

  2. Your cell phone is super cute!! Congrats on 1 month of marriage. I love Cooking Papa! I would eat there more often if there wasn't a line every time I went.

    1. Thankies! Cooking Papa is delicious, om nom nom :D