Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stalking, Sangrias & Singing

On Friday, August 24th, Vinh had to go to work to Castro Valley so after lunch at Chef Liu, he dropped Paula & I off at my parents' house. I decided to take my car so we can go stalk James Franco's old childhood home in Palo Alto.

James Franco's childhood home

Upon arriving on his childhood street, we were quite aware that there were a few gardeners watching us since the street was completely empty, lol. Nevertheless, we got out of the car & posed in front of the house before hastily retreating so that we didn't get thrown in jail for trespassing :P

Tada, Franco's childhood home

Since we were already in Palo Alto, I decided to take Paula to the Stanford Shopping Center. We stopped by Sprinkles where we shared a strawberry cupcake & smore cupcake *drool* We then stopped at Cocola Bakery for their happy hour. We decided to get the fruit peach white sangria & I gotta say it's the best sangria I've ever had! It's been over a week & I'm still cravin' this stupid sangria, ahhh! We wanted a second one...too bad Vinh was at work *pouts*

With our awesome sangrias

We walked around a little more before Sonya called so that we can go take Paula to karaoke for the first time. We ended up at Gamba & sang for about an hour. Lots of Gavin songs were sung *giggle* We also learned that Katy Perry, Maroon 5 & Adele songs were a bitch to sing, lol!

At the end of our karaoke session

Afterwards, Sonya drove Paula & I to Vallco so we could wait for him to eat at Benihana. We basically stuffed ourselves silly with food, but had a good time doing so. We met up with Steve & Derrick afterwards for karaoke since Steve missed out earlier. The first place we hit up had all their rooms booked so we headed back to Gamba, but they were full, too. We ended up going to Yogurtland for some froyo first & then Steve gets a call saying there's a room available. We arrive at Gamba & found out it wasn't them who called Steve. For some reason, both workers apologized profusely & gave us a room to karaoke, lol! We probably spent 1.5 hours in there. Paula & I had to do "We Belong Together" by Gavin DeGraw again! Then Vinh & I had a duet of sorts with "All You Wanted" by Michelle Branch *giggle*

Vinh & I doing a duet on "All You Wanted"

I somehow ended up inputting "Friday" by Rebecca Black & we all about died laughing singing the horrible lyrics, lmao! After karaoke, we called it a night & headed home so we could get some rest since it was near midnight when we finished :P


  1. That was sucha fun day! Those sangrias were so good! You should take Vinh back and find out exactly what they put in it.
    After years of planning we finally achieved stalking success!! I'm so glad we had a chance to stalk Franco and hang out in Palo Alto!
    I had no idea you could karaoke in little rooms like that! That was totally fun! I want more yogurtland!
    It's friday friday gotta get down on friday

    1. It was sucha casual yet fun day! Stalkers Inc. has finished their first mission, woot! :D

  2. That sounds like so much fun! :D I need to post about my weekend. I have failed at blogging lately, only because I haven't had anything to blog about for so long. Thank heavens that's changing. :D

    1. It was very fun! Yay for blogging :D

  3. cool!! I would love to find the childhood house of one of my fave celebrity. I love Sprinkles and that sangria sounds really good.

    1. I'd love to find JGL's childhood home! ;D