Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wedding Reception Day

On August 25th, it was my hometown's centennial celebration. Happy 100 years Sunnyvale! Vinh, Paula & I decided to meet up with Steve & Derrick at the community center where the celebration was occurring.

Heritage Park next to the community center

There was a photographer with props taking old school photos so we decided to do one since it was just $5 for a group shot. Sadly, only Vinh & I took the photo. We're an old married couple, hahaha :P

We're gonna go play golf & have some tea ;)

Somehow, three of us landed in jail. I guess Paula & I shouldn't have stalked James Franco & Vinh's just thrown in there since he's guilty by association, lol!

Let us out please?

The city was making a time capsule to be opened on Sunnyvale's 200-year anniversary so I decided to give my two cents in. Here's what I wrote below :)

Time capsule contribution

We walked around the park some more, won some mood color changing pencils, got free swag water bottles & then stood in line for a hayride since Vinh wanted to ride with the horses. Apparently, he's never been on a hayride before...

Hayride is here!

Us enjoying the hayride 

Ford horseless carriage

After the hayride, the three of us bolted so we can get some falafels before going back to San Jose to get prepped for the reception. Lobsterfest would certainly be proud of our falafel-seeking ;)

Our very first falafel experience sans Lobsterfest

After, we bolted home so that Paula could do my hair & makeup before the reception. Then we bolted to Tomi Buffet for our reception. Turned out that the buffet didn't let us book the whole private room, only enough tables for the amount of people we requested. Somehow we had more people turn up than our initial count, wth?! I think I was the most stressed out of all the wedding events we've had thus far, I lost my appetite & didn't eat as much as I'd like to. Oh well, at least everyone had fun catching up & whatnot. Not as much mingling between the families, but that's what I expected anyways.

Our reception attire...I look preggo here, haha

After all the wedding festivities of the week was over, Paula & I hooked up a computer screen to Paula's laptop (with the hubsta's help) & we watched Pineapple Express together while drinking Smirnoff mixed with pomegranate-cranberry juice & munching on Twix. That was basically the end of our crazy adventures since Paula had to fly home the next morning *sniff* This also concludes all the events during our wedding week, whew~ :P


  1. Why do I keep missing these Sunnyvale events? Sad. Oh well. You look cute and not that pregnant! Haha is there something we should know? BTW, when are you guys going on your honeymoon?

    1. LOL, naw I'm not preggo at all. We're going on our mini honeymoon to Bodega Bay in October :)

  2. This made me laugh and then get all sad haha
    You've got to send me the hayride pic and the one of us in jail! I totally forgot about them! I love how I'm all happy about getting thrown in the clink and your face looks like a hardened criminal. *dies* I must have tripped you before you got to tackle Franco 0:)
    The sunnyvale festival was so spontaneous! Steve and Derrick were fun to hang out with! It was so funny when on the phone with my mom and she asked what we were doing and I was like, "We're going on a hayride!" "you... what?"
    hahaha!!! So so much fun! I miss racing out in the morning to do something crazy!

    1. Oh I miss our awesome adventures & the hayride, hahaha! Come back already :P

  3. What a fun day! Your hat picture made me laugh -- did you know there's a group called the Red Hat Society? It's for women over fifty...and they all wear red hats. :P The time capsule idea is pretty awesome; maybe your kids (or grandkids) will be there for its unveiling in 100 years!

    PS: You do NOT look preggo in that last picture. Trust me. ;)

    1. Y'know, I think the Red Hat Society was there that day! Pretty funny that you mentioned it, lol! Hopefully my kiddos/grandkiddos will still be around the area when they open the time capsule. That'd be pretty cool :P

      I trust you with the preggo looks, teehee! :)