Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Swap

This year I started doing some swaps & this is my first big blogger swap. The Halloween Swap was hosted by Linny this year (thank you for hosting such a fun swap). Since there was an odd number of people, we didn't get partnered up. I got to send goodies to Tamara & I'd receive goodies from Ashley. Here's what I sent Tamara & this is her blog on what she thought of her goodies :)

Swap goodies for Tamara

Now onto my package from Ashley that I just received yesterday, just in the nick of time for Halloween, yay!

From Ashley Amazing

Happy fall :)

Cute tissue paper!

Unveiling of my swap goodies!

Goodies hidden in my gray bag

All my goodies laid out!

Can you say friggin' spoiled?! Waiting for Ashley s package was more than worth it since she send me so many cute things! Here's a list of what the package included:

  • Cute skeleton greeting card
  • 2 boxes of Halloween mac & cheese
  • Black headband with creepy light up eyeballs
  • Orange & black jack o'lantern socks
  • Bag of candy corn
  • Little gray eyeballs bag with two drink mixes inside
  • Brown pumpkin decor
  • Cat mask kit
  • Spiced pumpkin air freshener
  • Apple pie Extra gum
  • Black nail polish
  • Halloween pencil
  • Assorted little candies

Thank you so much Ashley for all my goodies, I love them! I will be using quite a few of these tomorrow to start off Halloween right *dances*

To check out what others got during the Halloween Swap, go here & check the link ups!


  1. Ahhh! Such a cute idea! :) & goodies!

    1. It is! Linny's hosting a holiday swap soon :)

  2. Whoa, that's a lot of stuff!

    1. Oodles of stuff! Ashley so spoiled me :)

  3. Such a cute idea!!!!! :D

    1. It is! I think I may be addicted to swaps now :P

  4. So fun! I love when things go like they are supposed to. I loved the stuff you sent as well. The Coraline movie was a fantastic idea! Happy Halloween!

    1. Yes! I was afraid it wouldn't arrive on time thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but it did, yay! Thanks m'dear & happy halloween to you, too :D

  5. Great idea! :) Fun stuff!