Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm sure by now with all the review posts that you know about Influenster. If not, keep reading for an overview of what Influenster is. You don't want to miss this ;)

Influenster sends out products to test to the most influential members to test out & write reviews. This is a way for the products' companies to get the word out & you get free products to try & possibly love! How do you get products you may ask? You earn lifestyle & expert badges (bride-to-be, fashionista, sweet tooth, etc.) that pertain to you & then you do tasks such as taking surveys & reviewing products to up your points for each badge (aka building up your influence). If you have enough influence, you can be chosen to receive a themed voxbox full of products to try! Did I mention all of this is free?!

I joined Influenster in December 2011 & have pre-qualified for 4 voxboxes & have received 2 voxboxes with another on its way right now! Below is a list of my voxboxes thus far with clickable links:

Are you interested? Influenster used to be open to all, but now it is invite only. If you'd like an invite, leave me your email below. But only if you're going to be active! I have four invites left :)


  1. I love how you got to test all the Beauty VoxBox's!!! Super jealous ;)

    1. I know & the funny thing is is that I'm friggin' makeup illiterate. Guess they're telling me to start learning ;)