Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vi & Quang's Wedding

It's only like two weeks late, lol. Vinh's friend & classmate, Vi, & her significant other were finally getting hitched on September 22 in Huntington Beach. Luckily, I got the day before off so Vinh & I decided to take the scenic Highway 1 down to SoCal. It was a good idea at first...

Crossing a bridge along Highway 1

We have both heard that Highway 1 is one gorgeous highway to drive along so we decided that Friday was a good a day as any to do so since we had the whole day to get down to SoCal. Really, it was a gorgeous drive up until San Simeon.

Construction zone, hella bumpy!

Upon arriving into San Simeon, Vinh noticed a motorcyclist on the side of the road taking photos. He was thinking "why the heck is that guy taking photos of birds?!" & decides to look up. I'm so glad he did because lo & behold, the space shuttle Endeavour was flying right above us on it's way to LAX! It was really quite cool to see it flying with us & so low that you can actually see the shuttle flying on top of the plane!

Vinh & I took a pitstop over in Santa Monica to have a quick bite to eat before continuing our journey down to SoCal. I decided for us to have lunch at the Natural Cafe since I had a full tummy the last time I went there with Brenda (who couldn't join us since she had a mommies day). After a full belly, we jetted off on our journey once more!

Salad & soup combo, Buddha burrito & pineapple-coconut shake

We decided to take another pitstop in the famous Malibu & just walk along the beach for a bit to stretch out our legs. It was a gorgeous day in Malibu!

Malibu beach

We finally arrived at our hotel, the Hilton, in Costa Mesa some 10-almost-11 hours later, lol. We were beat, but we had to go find us some dinner before everything closed. We ended up in the Mitsuwa market across the street & had ramen in their food plaza. I wanted a melon froyo cone, but that stand closed by the time we finished chowing down on our ramen :( We walked around Mitsuwa & bought some snacks back to the hotel before ending our long day...

Hilton in Costa Mesa


Vinh & I had major time to kill before the wedding since it started at like 5PM. We got up, showered, made coffee x2 & got dressed to head towards Little Saigon aka Westminster. We found our little pho place & had yummy pho for lunch. We also ended up buying four dragonfruits & some jackfruit to take home with us.

All fresh with some coffee

Delicious dragonfruit!

We decided to go kill some time in Downtown Disney for a bit since we haven't been there since 2010. Vinh signed up for a Disney credit card & got approved so we ended up getting a free $50 gift card to spend! We stopped by the Lego store to see all the friggin' amazing Lego figures :O

Beauty & the Beast in Lego form!

Toy Story in Lego form!

Prince Phillip & Maleficent in Lego form!

Aladdin in Lego form!

Vinh & I with our Lego buddies :)

We then headed to Jamba Juice to buy something to quench our thirst since it was boiling outside. Then we headed to the World of Disney store, my favorite! We ended up using our gift card to get my nerdy purse, a Mickey cap for Vinh & an Eeyore mug to share for just ~$5, woot! Afterwards, we figured we should probably head to Huntington Beach to get ready for the wedding.

World of Disney store fun

We stopped along some residential street & got changed into our more formal attire for the wedding since we had valet parking & didn't want to bug the valet people to bring our car back to put our clothes away. I must say we were quite the gorgeous couple, haha! Vinh had it easy since he just wore his tuxedo from our wedding. I will say that weddings just aren't as fun if you're not the one getting married. Our wedding rocked! However, the Vi & Quang's wedding was gorgeous & I would categorize it as the cliché formal wedding. During cocktail hour, the bartender ended up making me a drink not on the menu & ended up calling it the Annie Special (vodka, cranberry juice & lemon).

Waiting for the ceremony, Annie special, cocktail hour, reception!

For the reception, Vinh & I basically got stuck at the Macau table (theme was travel) aka the nutrition classmates table. I kept quiet most of the time, but I was really starting to get bored since I didn't know anyone at the table. Vinh & I had fun at the photobooth though! After dinner was done, we said goodbye & jetted out back home before dessert was served. We arrived at home sweet home just around 3AM, whew~

Photobooth fun, haha :P

Congrats Vi & Quang! Welcome to the married life & enjoy your honeymoon in Europe somewhere~ :P


  1. You're talking about being 2 weeks late with your blog... I'm several months late with my blogs haha ;)

    You looked gorgeous in your black dress!! The puffy shoulder is killer! Vinh looked totally handsome in his suit as well. :)

    Your photobooth pics are adorable! haha
    I want to stow away in your luggage to see the Endeavor! How cool was that?!
    Sounds like you had the most fun on the drive down there! :)

    1. I have to get back into blogging, so slacking, haha!

      Thank you, I like my black dress. Although sometimes the puffy shoulder gets in the way, lol!

      I so wish you could've been there to roadtrip with us, lol! It would've made the trip "shorter" with all the fun we would've had ;)

  2. I'm bummed that we couldn't meet up! But it's got to happen sooner or later. :)

    It looks like you had a fun trip -- but not as much fun as the honeymoon coming up! (Which I can't wait to read about!) I love love love your dress! It's hard to find the perfect LBD sometimes. (Men have it so easy when it comes to formal occasions, don't they?)

    I've never been to a boring wedding, but I can see how it ends up that way...that's when you help yourself to some strong drinks and get goofy with people who are just as awkward! :)

    1. I know, it'll happen! My dress was on sale so I totally scored on my LBD, yay! Men do have it really easy on formal occasions, boo. I wish I can just throw on a tux & call it done, haha.

      Strong drinks & goofy people are great distractors for boring weddings, haha. I had my fill of drinks that day. Vinh had to drive all the way home, bahahaa!