Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello Kitty Forever Collection

I've been waiting for this collection to come out for a while now. If you didn't know, I was a Hello Kitty fanatic as a kid. I would buy everything cute in the Sanrio stores, especially their pencils, pens & cases. I have honed that down quite a bit since middle school, but there's still a Sanrio lover inside of me deep down. I missed last year's collection so I was anticipating this year's & it certainly did not disappoint!

Chococat polkadot sweater

The Hello Kitty Forever Collection at Forever 21 launched yesterday & I knew I had to get to the Great Mall after work to snag a piece for myself! Poor Vinh was still sick, yet braved his germs to go with me to the Great Mall. I ended up picking up the Chococat polkadot sweater. I wanted the collared ditsy Chococat blouse, but it made me look chunky *sigh* I may go back & wear a belt with it to see if it looks's too cute to pass up :/

Hello Kitty cluster leggings

I ended up going to Eastridge's Forever 21 today (since I was already at the mall for another purpose) & I was disappointed with their HK was pathetic. However, I did find an x-small of the Hello Kitty cluster leggings so I snatched that up for myself as well! Am I done shopping this collection? I doubt it since I still want that cute blouse! I shall make one more trip to the Great Mall sometime before calling it quits.

EDiT on 11.19.12//
I ended up wanting to go back to the Great Mall's F21 to get the collared ditsy Chococat blouse. It was too cute not to have in my darn wardrobe :P

I own the blouse in the middle!

Do you have a favorite in this collection? :)


  1. Ahh I didn't like the leggings at first but now that I see them on you I am reconsidering.

    1. I wasn't considering the leggings either, but decided to try them on as a whim & loved them :P

  2. love your outfits A! Those leggings are totally awesome!!!! :) :)

    1. You need to get to a F21 store to try them, P!