Saturday, November 24, 2012

CMYE: Black Friday Happy Hour & Holiday Show

I attended my second Yelp event yesterday & I took along the hubsta as my +1. It was a community manager Yelp event: Black Friday Happy Hour & Holiday Show! Happy hour was located at the Tanq, however we didn't partake since it was full by the time we got there *pouts* We ended up walking around Xmas in the Park before walking to the holiday show.

Christmas Shorts at City Lights Theater Company

At around 7:20ish, we walked over to the City Lights Theater Company (the long way since Vinh thought 2nd Street looked too ghetto). We got in line before all the other Yelpers got there so we decided to pick up our complimentary tickets from Yelp & headed on in. We got $1 hot chocolate since it was chilly out to warm ourselves up. Abby (Yelp community manager) ended up sitting in front of me for the show later on, haha!

We had the pleasure of previewing Christmas Shorts (which is premiering tonight!) & we really enjoyed all five little shorts. I haven't actually seen any theater in years so this was really nice. I won't give any spoilers for the shorts, but I will say they were quite hilarious! It'll keep you laughing through the whole production for sure. After the show was over, the cast invited the audience to hang with them & have some bites to eat. Hubsta was still sick so he wanted to go, but I went ahead & said/introduced myself to Abby before leaving. She probably thought "who the heck was she?" since I bounced off so quickly, haha.

Overall, even though I didn't make it to half the event, I still thoroughly enjoyed the second part of it. Until the next Yelp event ;)

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