Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Season Commence!

You'd think that after having a wedding way back in August that things would slow down? Nope. I don't mind though, hehe. It's actually quite exciting having all these little events coming up to look forward to. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving has already past & it's almost xmas time! :O

I had a slightly shorter day thankfully so that I could help my coworkers decorate our small gym for Jennifer's surprise baby shower. Jennifer was to be distracted by Joanne doing an evaluation while the rest of us treated patients or decorated the room. Below are some of the decorations :)

Decorations & food

Everyone was in the room waiting to surprise her anxiously. Joanne asked Jennifer "Are you hungry? Let's go in here," but Jennifer's all "Diathermy is on!" For future reference, preggo women are not allowed within 10 feet of the diathermy machine when in use! Joanne ripped off the sign & knocked the door for us to open & yell "Surprise!" Needless to say, she was surprised & didn't see it coming...even though we stole all the chairs from the big gym she was in & everyone magically disappeared, lol :P

She finally gets a pink ribbon!

Me standing with the crown behind her, lol

Our team was asking "So who's next (to have a baby)?" & then all eyes shifted towards me & I'm like "Oh heck no, not it!"

The women of the rehab department

While opening my gift, Connie goes "That's really small. Someone obviously never had a kid before!" But hey, guess the new baby girl will be wearing my stuff first then ;)

Vinh & I's gifts for Jennifer

I ordered my iPad mini weeks ago & it finally arrived a few days before Thanksgiving! I absolutely love it! Vinh basically stole my iPad 1 so I was iPad-less since mid-July. The mini is basically the same but mini & it fits in my hands so much better. Since I ordered it online, I got free engraving! I bought the (RED) product smartcover for it as a finishing touch :)

Sexy iPad mini

Vinh & I celebrated our first Thanksgiving initially apart since Vinh went to work in Castro Valley for the morning. That was alright since I played housewife & relaxed on my day off. We had dinner at my parents' place & we had tons of seafood (my family doesn't do turkey, haha). With our bellies stuffed, we headed home to sleep to what would be the craziest work schedule ever for me since I was a one woman OT team (all other OTs were off) :P

Yelp's Black Friday Happy Hour & Holiday Show

See this puppy below? His name is Jackson & he was found at our work's parking lot...almost getting hit by a car. He has no collar on so we assumed he was abandoned. Our administrator has been keeping it in her office, but the little fella has been passed along many LifeHouse employees already. I had the pleasure of keeping him to myself for 15 minutes on Friday since Social Services passed him to me, haha. He is so quiet, he just wants someone to hold him & cuddle. Seriously, the cutest puppy face ever *melts* My coworker Scott took him home for the weekend to trial if his girlfriend wants to keep him. If I could, I would've kept him all for myself *sigh*

After failing last weekend, Vinh & I woke up early to go try out the breakfast items at Bill's Cafe. I got the California benedict with hash browns along with the big bowl of mimosa (yes, I'm crazy to be having alcohol at 8AM). Vinh got the regular eggs benedict with country potatoes as well as fresh squeezed OJ. Overall, I was really happy with my breakfast that I totally skipped lunch since I was so full!

Mimosa, California benedict & eggs benedict

Vinh & I headed down to Sunnyvale so that I could hangout with Sonya for a bit before her "hangout." We went to Tea Era for some boba & stopped by at Mitsuwa so that she could buy snacks for the movies. After Sonya left, my family & I went out to King Wah for dinner. I was surprised that they remodeled the place, it was so much brighter, but still with fabulous Chinese food!

After dinner, Vinh took Lonnie & I to Satura since we were craving cake. I got myself a Christmas macaron (lychee filling) & their famous red velvet. I want moar Christmas macarons! *drool* The decorations inside Satura were adorable, too :)

Satura decorations, Christmas macaron & red velvet

I took my mini fiber optic xmas tree home with me & plugged it into Vinh's desktop so at least we had a teeny xmas tree in our room. It changes color, but when it's not on, it has white optic fibers with a red metallic base & green star :)

Mini xmas tree

Also inbetween all of this, I have finished all my xmas shopping & have sent off all my packages on time! Unbelievable considering how much I've slacked on sending out packages this whole year! Until my next post ;)


  1. yay a new post!!! The mimosa looks delicious as so does all the other food pics you like teasing me with! The only macaroon I've ever had was Helens :) It was tasty so I can only assume a Christmas one would be delicious as well.
    That was so sweet of everyone to throw your co worker a baby shower! The cake and decorations were too cute! Love the outfit you got for her!
    The other half of my present for you finally came in the mail so I'll be mailing your Christmas presents later this week!
    December is already going by so fast!
    Have a great week!
    love ya!

    1. Come have a mimosa with me! Love ya too dork ;)

  2. Everything looks amazing. Your friend is so beautiful and I wish her every happiness with her upcoming bundle of joy. Babies are always so amazing.

    Your tree is fantastic. We have fiber optic lights on our tree and I always love how it looks on.

    I debated on getting the Ipad Mini but I love the bigger screens. I really would like to get the Ipad 3.

    1. Thanks Ash! She was very surprised & I can't wait to meet her little girl! I like the mini since my hands are so small :P

  3. Oh man, what an awesome surprise shower! You guys obviously put a lot of thought into it -- I'm sure the happy memory will stay with her forever. <3 Good choice of gift, too -- Carter's is the unanimous favorite in this house. For future reference (when you and Vinh start popping out kiddos) Gerber brand onesies run REALLY small. It came to mind, thought I'd add it. :P

    I love your tree...would it be weird to ask John for one for christmas? LOL

    1. LMAO, it was very hard trying to hide the surprise from her though! Of course you'd know about Gerber onesies now *giggle* You'll have to remind me again once that time comes ;)

      I don't think it'd be weird to ask John for one, haha! It's really teeny though, like fits on my palm teeny :P