Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Swap

Back in early November, I signed up for Linny's Holiday Swap since I enjoyed her Halloween Swap so much. I got paired up with the lovely Kai & I found out that she's a massage therapist. I found it funny that two California therapists got paired up *giggle*

Goodies from Kai :)

So what did the lovely Kai get me for our swap? Here's a list below of what was contained in the cutest winter bag ever!

  • Adorable xmas card with Santa wearing a scarf
  • Roman Holiday DVD
  • $10 gift card to Forever 21
  • 2 Hello Kitty hot chocolates with one that'll turn pink!
  • Nerdy Hello Kitty tin with candy

Swap goodies for Kai

The above photo is what I got Kai: my favorite book, a cute pink bunny mug, a scented mini candle, snowman cupcake figure & a hair accessory.

Thank you so much Kai for spoiling me & for figuring me out so well, hehe. I'll definitely enjoy these goodies! To see Kai's blog post about what I got her, check here. For the swap linkups & to see all the participants' swap reveals, check here :)


  1. Haha you got lots of Hello Kitty items!! Pink hot chocolate? You'll have to take a picture of that. It'll be interesting.

  2. Mhmm pink hot chocolate, Lily would love that!!!! :)

  3. Thank you for my awesome gift hope you liked yours :)

  4. Wow, she really got you some great stuff. Im especially diggin that F21 gift card. I love me some gift cards :)

    Also, anything with Audrey Hepburn in it is a win in my book. Thanks for joining the swap, glad you had fun!

  5. She got you tons of super cute stuff!! The hello kitty stuffers are too cute! I've never seen Roman Holiday!

  6. You got some great stuff! I so want that mug that you got her lol. Where did you get it at?

  7. That's awesome. I participated in two swaps but haven't heard anything back yet on either of them. I am excited to see what comes of them!

  8. These are some amazing gifts! Nice on the $10 gift card to forever 21! sweeet.