Tuesday, December 25, 2012

LifeHouse Holiday Party

Last Friday, 12.21.12, was the supposed last day & that the world was supposed to end, riiiiight. Theoretically, if the world was going to end, I wouldn't have spent my last night on Earth partying with my coworkers, lol. Yup, it was LifeHouse's holiday party on the last day of the world & we partied it up at the Hilton in Santa Clara!

The party started at 5PM, but Vinh & I didn't arrive 'til 6PM cuz that's when the food was supposed to be served. Plus, that gave me an extra hour to shower, get dressed & do my nails all festive, hehe. We arrived into the parking lot & was walking in when Bente parked so we all walked in together. We signed in & saw Debby at our rehab table.

After everyone arrived, Vinh & I decided to get a drink from the bar since there was none at the table. Vinh ordered a Blue Moon & I had a sex on the beach for a total of $6 thanks to happy hour prices. We walked out of the bar to see all our coworkers in line to get food so we quickly went back to our table to put our drinks down & got in line to get our food. The food wasn't bad actually: salad, orzo salad with veggies, mash potatoes, chicken & steak. I grabbed a chocolate cake & raspberry chocolate mousse for Vinh & I to share for dessert.

My boss Connie wanted rehab to be represented on the dance floor & the DJ just changed the song to "Conga" by Gloria Estefan. Connie decided rehab should start a conga line & I somehow ended up having to lead it all the way through the whole room, lol.

Leading the conga line, lol

Afterwards, we just danced for a bit on the dance floor. I loved how Gangnam Style was played like three times, haha!

On the dance floor with Vinh

We decided to take a break & explore the Hilton just a teensy bit after the dance floor. We had our photo taken in front of the main tree in the lobby, thanks professional photographer Connie ;)

Hair is so long! :O

Our administrator Jan was calling out raffle numbers for the holiday raffle prizes & I actually got my number called again, haha! I chose the lonely small wrapped mystery gift that no one wanted so that it could have a home. You'll see what it is below. Then Prem asked to have our group photo taken before he headed onto the dance floor with John, which had everyone crackin' up for a good 2-3 minutes at least!

Rehab team + significant others

After Prem's dancing escapades, Vinh & I decided to boogie on home before the storm started to set in. I ended up winning an iHome speaker system that I can plug my iPhone, iPad, or iPod into! Can you say SCORE!

With my winning prize!

So that was my first holiday party as an employed occupational therapist. I certainly didn't expect to have as much fun as I did :P


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Cute pictures! That's an awesome prize. :)

    1. Thanks Alicia! It was an awesome prize ;)

  2. Haha! I had no idea you could boogie! Now you must come dancing next time you're down. :P And what a sweet prize!

    1. We have way too many plans for only 1-2 days next time I'm down there, haha! I don't exactly boogie unless there's enough alcohol...or forced upon by the boss ;)