Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Part I: Getting Ready, First Look & Tea Ceremony

You all thought I was done with the wedding posts, huh?! I have been lazy since I didn't want to resize my wedding photos for quicker blog upload until now (being sick & starting to develop cabin fever will do that to ya). Since there are way too many wedding photos for just one post, I decided to post them in three separate posts like a mini blog series...or something. All photos are clickable for larger view & taken by the wonderful SimplyTwo Photography! Enjoy part one: getting ready, first look & tea ceremony!


My text to him the morning of the wedding

Stupid sandwich remark...retort to come ;)

The day has come to finally wear my pretty dress!

Paula being my personal stylist & putting my hair in curlers

Vinh's tightening his tie in the mirror & looking dapper ;)

Hugs from Henry!

Best man William is suiting up

John is still drinking even in the morning...

Here's my sandwich retort ;)

Paula doing my makeup

Tools of the trade :P

Ya like my million curlers? :P

Initiate curler removal now!

"Put a bobby pin there to hold the tiara in place!" "Did we just lose the pin?"

Zip 'er up!

One teensy hook left...

Looks like P is having trouble with the hook ;)

& then she hit her head on the lamp, lol!

Putting on my garter ;)

Had to be done, jumping on the bed!

I almost bounced my girls off the bed, hahaha!


Walking up to my future hubsta & watching out for poop, lol


Here we go!

Oh hai there!

Checkin' each other out *giggle*

Vinh: Me gusta dat ass!

He still likes my ass, bahahaha

Time to drive off to our next destination!


The proper wedding entourage shot

Everyone's checkin' us out kissin' including little RJ!

Girls: WTF are the guys doing?

Girls: Ahhhh!

Little RJ be pimpin' with the gals ;)

The best support system a gal can have!

The obligatory jumping photo

The...crab walk? Ask groomsman John wth they're doing...

GQ anyone?


In front of Vinh's grandma's Buddha shrine

Asking Vinh's ancestors to welcome me into their family

Lighting some incense for Vinh's grandma

Vinh's mom giving us a red pocket

William helping us with the tea

Offering tea for Vinh's grandma & ancestors


People love PDA photos from the bride & groom, haha!

Lobsterfest blogged about this photo & I posted it to 9gag here

The proper girls photo

With my MOH Sonya - fobby

With my bestie Paula - sassy

I sense some bromance going on hurr

The leading man & his supporting men

Wedding Part II: Ceremony & After coming soon! ;)


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Love all of the pictures Annie, looks like a fabulous day!

  2. I so enjoyed reliving those days!! I laughed so much remembering all the adventures we got ourselves into. Your captions were hilarious and totally fitting. :) I'm so glad you posted more pics! I love them all but the funny ones are most often my favorite just because they make me remember all the fun we had!
    Congrats and happy almost annievinhsary tomorrow!
    Love yous!

    1. The funny spontaneous ones are the best, lol! I miss making more with ya & the rest of the gang, haha :P

  3. Anonymous8:47 PM

    All of the pictures are just so fun! I love the "last chance to run" part. Lol.

    1. It literally was his chance to run, haha! Glad he didn't though ;)