Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wedding Part II: Ceremony & After

In celebration of our being married for 4 months today, here's the second part of my mini blog series! Again, all photos are clickable to enlarge & taken by the oh-so-talented SimplyTwo Photography! Here's part II: ceremony, bouquet toss, garter toss & after!


Me peeking out at the guests arriving

Daddy & mommy dearest walking me out

My wonderful parents walking me down the aisle

Vinh's face seeing me walk up to him

Our beauty ceremony site :)

Mr. Lavelle doing his spiel about how we met

Vinh's parents

My parents, grandma & aunty

Probably giggling about something Mr. Lavelle said

Nice angle Lobsterfest ninja!

William reading a poem for us

Time for some vows? I think so!

Vinh looking as I do my vows

Ring is on my finger!

Ring is on his finger: mine!

The kiss!

Walking down as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time :)

Go team!


All of our lovely guests

My wonderful parents

I love my family :)

Vinh's parents

Vinh's extended family

My extended family: up to 4 generations!

All of our supportive friends

Steve's family aka my second family

Mr. & Mrs. Lavelle


Showing off our sexy garters, shhh!

They're secretly Pokémon trainers ;)

Quiet kisses after the ceremony

Some quiet time with the hubsta

Peeking through the tree leaves

I'm his lady now 'til death do us part ;)

Kisses on the moon bridge

Enjoying our time on the moon bridge & the gorgeous scenery

Dang paparazzi always snapping our photos ;)

Lookin' at my hubstaaa


Bouquet toss time!

This photo cracks me up every time!

Congrats on catching the bouquet Helen!

I'm already laughing from Vinh having to go fetch the garter

My absolutely mortified face as he's going in to find it

Cracking up as Vinh couldn't get the garter off with his teeth & taking too long...

Me gusta the garter!

Garter toss!

Mad rush...

Vinh: Oh shit! Men: Do over, it fell on the floor!

Garter toss #2!

I swear Vinh was gonna fall over, haha!

John got the garter & placed it on his head...

Andy & Jannie were runner-ups for both tosses


Dinner at La Fondue

Our sprite & cherry drink cuz our waitress felt sorry for us toasting with jellybeans


Almost got run over doing this in the middle of the road, haha

Looking out to our future together

Walking down the street after a long beautiful day

One last gorgeous photo for the night before checking into the hotel ;)

Wedding Part III: Encore Session & Decor coming soon!


  1. Annie, all your pictures came out fabulous!!!!:)))
    Congrats again, & I can't wait to see myself in a wedding dress someday in the near future!:)

    1. Thank you Bonnie! I can't wait to see you in a wedding dress either. You'd look stunning Bonita ;)

  2. Amazing pictures! I love the black & white of you two come down the aisle. You had a beautiful wedding.