Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wedding Part III: Details & Encore Session

Here is the final installment of my mini blog series of all my wedding photos! The photos below include little details from the wedding & the encore session the day after. All photos are clickable to enlarge. Again, thank you to the awesomely amazing photographer with ninja skills at SimplyTwo Photography!


Cinderella hanger from White Diamond Affairs

My gorgeous wedding dress!

Slight close-up of the details

Comfy heels/flip flops, hehe :P

Paula's, mine & Sonya's garters: all made by Paula!

My bouquet, flowers folded by Lonnie

Engagement ring & wedding bands in the bouquet

Our little cake toppers by Oborocharms with our save the date card in the background

Ring warming before the ceremony

More flowers made by Lonnie

Mason jars with a flower inside for guests to drink tea with


Standing under the entrance "looking cute"

Lobsterfest wanted us in the sun flare

Lobsterfest: make oogley eyes at each other or something...

Vinh twirling me around

Walking over the moon bridge

Taking a little break

Vinh needed to show off how far his leg can go up, lol

Just relaxing...

Playing in the bamboo

Magic Vinh! Scandalous ;)

Lobsterfest: look into each other's eyes

Love how big the bamboo look :P

Lobsterfest: now kiss...eww gross! :P

Lady Gaga photobombed us ;)

Running down the lane

I look like I have a peacock butt, haha

We run this town ;)

Come here sweetheart!

Help Vinh, I'm being bride-napped!

How dare you steal my wife!

Bad guy has been vanquished!

We actually become friends later, haha ;)

Chillin' on the little wooden posts

Hey, I think we're married!

Kisses for the hubsta

Y- M - C - A

How did we get to wine country?!

Actually in front of Saratoga library

Kisses for his mrs!


I think we make a good pair, don't you? ;)

Looking ahead towards our bright future!

I hope you all enjoyed this mini blog series of mine, hehe. Too many photos for just one post ;)


  1. Such beautiful pictures!!!!!

    1. Thank you Alyssa! :)

  2. oh how I love these pics! lobster got so many gorgeous shots the angles and Sun flairs were crazy good. magic vinh haha amazing looking at all these brings back all the crazy fun!

  3. Yay!! I love your pictures!