Sunday, December 30, 2012

Xmas 2012

My has the holiday season been crazy! I can't believe it's been 5 days since xmas already, sheesh. Anyhoo, since Vinh & I were having the apartment to ourselves for xmas, we decided to buy a little xmas tree to get into the holiday spirit. Not bad for a $5 tree from Daiso, right? ;)

Our first xmas tree

Vinh decided to let me know his xmas gift to me early & allowed me to wear it a few days prior to xmas. Don't you love my tri-gold (yellow, rose & white gold) pendant with a ice blue sapphire necklace?! It matches my engagement ring, too. I'm such a spoiled wifey :)

Vinh's xmas gift to me!

On December 23rd, I had to work to cover for xmas day. I opened my locker to find that something was clipped to my name tag. I saw that it was a Forever 21 giftcard from my ex-coworker that he got for our department's Secret Santa (since he didn't know that he got me cuz my boss forgot to tell him, lol).

My F21 gift card from Rhady

Our facility has an adopt-a-resident thing that goes on for xmas where you pick residents & buy them a xmas gift. I ended up getting my person a sweatshirt since he said he needed one :)

My gift for my resident

Vinh & I decided to stay up 'til midnight on December 24th so that we can open xmas gifts since he had to go into work in the morning on xmas day.

Our gifts next to our little xmas tree

My awesome gifts from Paula, Louise, Vinh & Sonya

Paula made us a framed photo with poem *giggle*

We had dinner at my parents' place since most of Vinh's relatives went to Washington to visit Vinh's brother, sister-in-law & nephew. It was quite a pleasant & chill xmas day. I hope everyone else had a wonder xmas with their loved ones :)


  1. Cool gifts!! Your hubby is so nice to let you have it before xmas. XD

    1. Aren't they?! Yea, hubsta's nice like that... & he wanted to show it off with me wearing it lol ;)

  2. your necklace is beautiful!! I can't believe I just now saw you blogged! sorry! Haha your mini tree is adorable! Congrats to your first Christmas together as a married couple! glad you liked your gifts! I was randomly on pinterest one day after your wedding and someone had pinned the couple's shirts from and I was like it's a recreation

  3. ...of Annie and vinh and I had to get them haha