Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 on Tuesday #01

I decided to partake in the random fun that is 10 on Tuesday hosted by Lin & Amber! Let's get started shall we? ;)

O1. I think I'm totally burnt out at work after working six days each week for the past two weeks! Workaholic much? I think so!

O2. I was overly excited for the official video for "We Both Know" by Gavin DeGraw & Colbie Caillat today!

O3. I love that I got into the Yelp Elite Squad this year! It's neat to be elite, hehe. I can't wait for my first elite event.

O4. I really need to start shopping for my swaps this weekend. I'm sucha procrastinator, bahahahaa :P

O5. I am in love with this cover of "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Alex Goot, take a listen!

O6. The hubs & I are looking to be first time homeowners, but finding the perfect home is a pain in the butt! Plus, our first home choice got bought, boo =/

O7. I can't wait to take little mini vacations this year! First will be in April for my first national occupational therapy conference in San Diego. The keynote speaker is Aron Ralston (yes, too bad James Franco can't be there either, haha) ;)

O8. I am a sucker for wedding photos. One of my coworkers in the facility just came back from her wedding in Burma & I loved looking through her photos. Gorgeous!

O9. I still have no idea how I survived without a smartphone for so long. I am still amazed how much I can rely on my iPhone nowadays :P

1O. I shall now go crash & snooze away to dreamland *sigh of relief*


  1. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to see wedding photos from Burma, those must be stunning!

    I hope you guys find the perfect house this year. I know that the housing market is really crazy right now.

    1. She put up a few & they were gorgeous!
      Thank you, I hope we find the house soon. We want our own little place on this planet :)

  2. LOL I have to start shopping as well for my swap partner :) I planned on it this weekend <3 :)
    Love this idea btw! I bet those wedding photos were amazing!!!!! Of course, I don't think anything will ever top your own <3 !

    1. Join in on the fun Kimbo! Have fun shopping for your swap buddy :P

  3. Buying a house is a lot of work. Good luck house hunting!

    1. It is a lot of work, but worth it in the end, thanks Cindy!