Tuesday, January 29, 2013

10 on Tuesday #02

O1. Why do I have all them crazy evaluations at work? I swear I get the patients that the other therapists don't wanna deal with. Oh well, guess I'm the cool therapist then ;)

O2. I ate two mini bags of hot cheetos today. I'm a dietician's wife alright, lol!

O3. What is with me & Hello Kitty/Sanrio clothing? I really really want this My Melody top from Uniqlo!

O4. I have sent out my 2 packages for my bauble swap partners as well as my package for the #vdaymugswap! Done with swaps for a while *giggle*

O5. Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys turned 33 yesterday!

Stolen from instagram

O6. I cannot wait for the Maroon 5 concert in March! Can we fast forward pretty please?! I wanna see sexy Adam Levine live already :P

O7. I think I've become such a klutz right now. I swear I've dropped my smartphone more times than I've dropped my ancient flip phone, lol! Thank goodness for my awesome case from Wedding Paper Divas ;)

O8. Is it springtime yet? I want to shed all these stupid layers of clothes & get out all my spring/summer wear!

O9. Did I mention I really like this Maroon 5 song as well? ;)

1O. I shall now have a nice hot shower followed by making lunch for work tomorrow while enjoying a nice glass of moscato :P


  1. 5. My goodness I feel old!

  2. Nick is 33! Wow. I'm getting up there.

    Maroon 5 concert?! So jealous. I've heard they put on a good show, but how could they not with Adam's sexy ass.

    1. Yup, my lover is 33 now! lol

      Yes, it'll be a great show cuz I'll be seeing Adam's sexy ass in the flesh ;)

  3. Work hard, you're awesome! Haha well I suck at putting tech stuff together and my hubs is a computer engineer. LOL

    Can't wait to se everyone's swap packages~~

    1. Working hard is what I do!

      I can't wait for the swap reveals :)