Monday, January 14, 2013

Amy Cornwell

I'd like to say a little something about an online shop that I've been fawning over for over a year now, but had no cash flow to buy anything (poor graduate student status last year) until I started making moola! I'd like to introduce to you Amy Cornwell! Amy makes all her beautiful jewelry at home & puts lots of TLC into them. Take a look at my pieces :)

True love necklace & true love ring

Floating heart necklace & two pieces from above

Illustrations necklace in blue chevron

Here's a list of what Amy Cornwell jewelry I own currently:

All I can say is I love my pieces to death! I have received multiple compliments on my pieces when I wear them out & then I get to spread the news about Amy's wonderful work. I'm pretty sure that at least 2+ friends have gotten an Amy Cornwell piece since I initially started purchasing them around the end of November. These pieces are certainly durable & would match with many a outfits you come up with. If you'd like a simple piece of jewelry with meaning behind it, Amy's your girl! Thank you Amy for all my wonderful pieces ♥


  1. I absolutely adore your pieces! I just bookmarked her page! Might have to get something! Thank you <3 !

    1. You do have to get something from Amy, she's fab! :)