Sunday, January 27, 2013

Burnt Out? Maybe. Yes.

It's been a crazy past few weeks. Two weeks prior, I worked 6 days per week for two weeks with the second week (last week) having 4 hours overtime. That is friggin' killer, especially considering that I did it at the Castro Valley location. Anyhoo, a recap of my happenings starting now!

Last Thursday (1/17), I had to help Castro Valley out since they desperately needed an OT to evaluate & treat their patients. I ended up going even though my facility was crazy busy as well. Shrutee convinced me to go out to lunch with her & Ivy to this Indian buffet place. We invited Vinh along as well. Can you say stuffed? I had trouble staying awake from all the food inside my belly! My favorite was definitely the mango ice cream though *drool*

Delicious mango ice cream!

Last Friday (1/18), we had a surprise party for Debby! Why? She was runner-up for employee of the year for ARS! Congrats Debby, we heart you & all your awesome work :)

Debby cutting her cake

Later that night, Vinh & I attended Tango! with Quartet San Francisco in Redwood City. You can read all about that here.

Last Saturday (1/19), Vinh & I volunteered early in the morning. You can read about that here. Afterwards, I dropped Vinh off home & bolted back to Castro Valley to do my 4 hours overtime work. I had a touching moment where one of my patients opened up to me & actually started crying (more of relief/release for him) during our treatment session. I was actually quite honored to hear that since I'm not a regular staff member up there.

Last Sunday (1/20), Vinh & I had to head to his old bedroom to clean out all his stuff. While he was cleaning, I had to "babysit" my nephew. We played & played 'til this auntie was tired to death & he wasn't, lol. He was so excited to see auntie Annie after weeks of waiting (that's a whole different story). Anyhoo, I taught him a few more English words & he helped me throw paper into the recycling bins outside.

My adorable nephew

On Tuesday (1/22), it was my nephew's last night in the Bay Area for 1-2 weeks so Vinh & I decided to drop by to visit. We ended up giving him his red pocket money early. When Vinh wanted to trade him a quarter for his $100 bill, my nephew chose the quarter instead, lol! Too flippin' cute!

His expression is priceless ;)

On Thursday (1/24), I got a text message from my sister saying that my Influenster Palmolive box arrived, but that it was opened. I went to check it out after work & the box was ripped open with nothing in it *sad panda* I emailed Influenster & they were sorry to hear that I never got my goodies. They said they'd try to see if there were extra boxes so they can re-send me one, but I won't be penalized for not being able to test the product. Influenster's customer service is pretty awesome :)

My poor empty Influenster box :(

On Friday (1/25), it was the last day for both our OT interns. Connie brought food in to celebrate them & despite such a hectic day, I was presented a card from one of the interns which contained a lovely note & a Starbucks giftcard! I bid farewell to them both & wished them the best on their board exams & beyond at the end of the day :)

Lovely card from one of our interns

On Saturday, Vinh & I went to the optometrist so that Vinh could get his eyes examed so that he can get his first pair of glasses!

Today, we headed to the Great Mall so that I could do some shopping for my swaps that I'm participating in. After shopping, we headed to the optometrist to pick up Vinh's first pair of glasses! After napping at my parents' place for a bit, we all had dinner at Kirin with my grandparents. Overall, a fairly chill weekend for all & time for me to rejuvenate myself :)

Nerd love :)

Sorry for the long post, but it needed to be done ;)


  1. At least you survived your busy and long weeks of work!
    That mango ice cream looks delicious!
    You nephew cracks me up. His face with his money haha and then actually wanting to take the quarter instead! haha
    *I see mr.banana! I remember him! Is he now living with you and kiyore? :P
    Too bad about your soap box :( Hopefully Influenster has some left to send!
    That was a really sweet notecard you received!
    You and Vinh both look great in your glasses! :P

  2. Ice cream looks yummy!
    Congrats to Debby :)
    Redwood city eh? How far is that from Redding? James & I leave for Cali Friday night! I wish I had more time, to come down & finally meet you :(

    Your nephew is so cute! He chose the quarter over the $100 bill! Once he figures out how much it's really worth, he will want it back :) LOL

    Wow, that is so sad to here about influenster box! I wonder who ripped it open.. Was it in front of your house? ekk hopefully they can replace it!

    That was a really sweet card from an intern :)

    I love that picture of you & vinh with your glasses :)