Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 on Tuesday #03

O1. Have you heard? I chopped off 10+ inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love this past weekend! Check out my post here ;)

Before & after

O2. I actually yelled at the TV...multiple times...yesterday during the Super Bowl. I haven't watched the Super Bowl since elementary school. Those darn 49ers just get me all riled up! Gotta rep the Bay Area!

O3. I still cannot believe we're already a few days into February! Where did the time go?!

O4. I am impatiently waiting for my swap packages to arrive *giggle* I love getting surprises in the mail!

O5. Only 15 more days 'til my 6-month wedding anniversary ♥

O6. I found out that Alex Goot will have two tour dates in California & they are too friggin' far away for me to attend! Stop breaking my heart Alex Goot :'(

O7. My boss said that I'm becoming more experienced now that I'm not such a pushover at work, lol. I've actually been called mean a few times *gasp* Annie mean?! Crazy world nowadays!

O8. I really need to keep up this running thing. I have a new dri-fit sports bra & fitted running capris that make me look smexy...

O9. I am really excited to participate in my second Color Run next month! Team Rainbow Hospice (inside joke at work) :P

1O. I really hope this work week will fly by so that Chinese New Years will begin! I'm also attending Yelp's Good Karma Ball on Chinese New Years as well, excited :D


  1. It is really awesome that you cut off your hair for a good cause! I am thinking about cutting my hair too but it is not that long.
    Found you at the link up! Cute blog!

  2. I know I said it before but I'm gonna say it again, your hair looks really great!

    You, mean? Yeah, I dont believe it.

    Getting swap packages is like christmas. Hope you get some fabulous items. Thanks for linking up!

  3. 1. Love it!
    2. I love getting mail!
    5. Congrats1
    8. You go girl!
    9. Fun! I want to do one!

    PS: I LOVE your layout! I love the Gavin lyrics too!

  4. Annie mean no way haha your new hair looks amazing! I can't believe it's getting time again for the color fun! What outfit will you be wearing to it?

  5. Happy Early Anniversary!!!
    Color run? Again already! Oh boy I better check STL dates!!!!

    LOL you yell at the TV? LOL LOL :) You're so cute Annie!