Tuesday, February 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday #04

O1. We've had way too many patients passing away recently, it makes me want to appreciate the time I have to live life to the fullest as our patients did.

O2. The weather has been really nice late with blue skies, the sun out & a slight cool breeze. Do I smell cute skirts & the like coming out of the closet?!

O3. Chinese New Year came & went in a flash, whew~ I miss receiving hong bao (red pockets) from relatives :P

Delish CNY food by mommy dearest

O4. Is it seriously only 2 more days until Valentine's day?! Vinh & I haven't even talked about our plans...if we even plan on having any, lol.

O5. Only 8 more days 'til my 6-month wedding anniversary ♥

O6. I attended my first Yelp event of the year (I don't really count Yelp Helps as one) at the Castlewood Country Club on Sunday! 'Twas fun getting fancied up & having drinks :)

Annie the Yelper :P

O7. I keep craving McD's yogurt parfaits lately *drool*

O8. Ahhh! I ran out of hot cheetos...must get moar! >:O

O9. I really doubt I can take more than one day off for my 1-year wedding anniversary now *sigh*

1O. Is it the weekend yet? LOL! I think burnout is inevitable for my working life in the skilled nursing facility.


  1. Happy new year!! Haha it sucks that we can't receive now that we're married. Oh well. Can't believe vday is tomorrow!! Hubs and I will be celebrating this weekend. Can't wait!!

  2. Sad to read you can only take 1 day off for your one year anniversary :( Hopefully that changes!
    Happy Early Anniversary :) 6 months right? YAY :)

  3. Do you eat the hot cheetos w/lemon cause those are the freakin' best. Seriously, the BEST.

    Dude, a McD's yogurt parfait sounds sooo good right now. Or maybe their fries too. Yes, I want some fries :)

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!