Monday, February 18, 2013

Bauble Swap Reveal & Link Up

Hi everyone! It is finally time to reveal all of your baubles that you received! I ended up being paired up twice due to a participant dropping out (it's ok, life happens!). I had the pleasure of being partnered up with Brittney & Betty :)

Britt ended up getting me a cute charm necklace & a magenta beaded bracelet with an accent bead. She pretty much nailed it in terms of what jewelry I like: simple & cute. I love the little dangly love charms for the necklace & the pink bracelet is not too bright/loud.

Britt's baubles for me

Here is what I got Britt (she's a big & bold kinda gal):
  • H&M pink statement necklace
  • 2 H&M plastic chain bracelets in pink & yellow

Baubles for Britt

You can read Britt's reveal post here.

Betty's package for me went on vacay somewhere so I shall replace this portion once I get her package. She's shipping all the way from Taiwan around Lunar New Year's so I don't blame it taking longer than usual! Also, random story, but Betty & I went to the same high school with me a year her senior. Oh how the internet re-connects people :P

Betty's package arrived! She got me quite a few cute & dainty baubles which included a 5-heart necklace, pink threaded bracelet with an Eifel Tower charm, 4 earring studs to mix & match, & a dog charm! She also included a face mask along with a cute letter on cute stationary :)

Betty's baubles for me

Face mask & letter

Here is what I got Betty (who is like me with dainty necklaces):
  • Musical notes necklace
  • 3 dangly crystal stars necklace

Baubles for Betty

You can read Betty's reveal post here.

Thank you to both Britt & Betty for their wonderful baubles that I have now added to my collection! They will most certainly be loved & used frequently, if not more ;)

I hope all our lovely participants had fun! Cindy & I would like to thank you all for joining on our first co-hosted swap & making it a success! We can't wait to see what you all received so link up below :D


  1. awwww, I absolutely adore what Britt got you :) I actually bought that same exact necklace for my V-Day partner... Which was a bummer, because she never posted hers :( Oh well... But the bubble swap was absolutely fantastic! I can't thank you & Cindy enough for setting this up :) Thank you ladies! This was a lot of fun & I really enjoyed getting to know Stormy!

    You sent out some cute stuff & received some cute things as well :)
    I love H&M!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so glad you liked your goodies. I can't wait to do another!!! :D