Monday, February 25, 2013

Cara Box February 2013

I saw quite a few blogs posting about the Cara box & was intrigued enough to sign up for the month of February, my very first Cara box. Cara basically is defined as a beloved friend. Each month has a specific theme & you buy 5+ items for your partner & you write a note of encouragement for your new friend. This month's theme is #ClubSexy (see this post for definition). Each person obviously has a different version of what #ClubSexy means to them. Also, you don't send/receive goodies from the same person, you have two partners. I got paired up with the lovely Danielle & Sybil for this month.

Let's start with the goodies I received from Danielle!

Goodies from Danielle

My idea of #ClubSexy was a day date at the beach with the hubs. I think Danielle pretty much nailed it! In her own words, here's why she chose each item:
  • A cute beach towel to lounge on
  • A frisbee for a little fun in the sun!
  • Sunscreen so you don't get burnt
  • Crossword puzzles for some fun game time with your hubby on the beach
  • Dark chocolates to snack on

Thank you so much Danielle for all my day date supplies! I shall definitely put them to good use once summer rolls around & more beach days arise!

Sybil described her #ClubSexy as either a family day or a spa day. I decided to go with a spa day for her Cara box goodies!

Goodies for Sybil

Explanation of the goodies I got for Sybil:
  • Carbernet Matinee dark chocolate since it had wine & chocolate combined together
  • Island margarita B+BW scented candle for a relaxing aroma
  • Stress relief B+BW aromatherapy body lotion for possible massages by the hubby? ;)
  • 2 Essie nail polishes in Sybil's favorite colors to pamper herself

For Sybil's reveal post, go here.

Thank you to Kaitlyn for hosting such an awesome swap! To check out all the awesome Cara box exchanges for this month, check the link up here. Be sure to click the button below to learn more about the Cara box & how to sign up for next month. I highly recommend you do so! I will definitely be participating in this swap again in the future :)

Cara Box

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  1. You got some awesome goodies. I'm definitely going to be signing up for March!!! :D