Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Half Year Anniversary

Today is Vinh & I's half year wedding anniversary (or 10.5 years total)! I was originally supposed to have the whole day off, but was called in to do 3 hours overtime in the morning. Anyhoo, after work, I was really craving breakfast items at Bill's Cafe, but it'd take to long to eat there. Vinh & I ended up looking up a breakfast/brunch place in Santa Cruz & ended up with Zachary's Restaurant. I ordered Mike's Mess with a mimosa while Vinh and the corned hash beef. I can tell you we were both stuffed afterwards :P

Our brunch items

After brunch, we realized that our spa was just a street down from where we were & we had an hour to kill. We ended up walking around Seabright beach for a while enjoying the sunny weather.

Gorgeous day at the beach

Vinh made fun of my imperfect heart, haha

We arrived at Well Within Spa about 30 minutes early. We parked on the street with a meter & we were scrounging for enough coins for our 2-hour appointment, haha. Luckily, someone left about an hour on the meter already so we scrounged up enough for 2.5 hours! We walked in, checked in & waited for the first part of our couples special: massage!

Well Within Spa

We had the lovely Jenny & Robin as our massage therapists for the day. Robin took care of me while Jenny took care of Vinh. It was both our first time getting massages ever, what a treat *giggle*

Waiting for our massage therapists

We had a 50-minute massage each & each therapist catered to what our personal needs were. You could hear tranquil music being played as well as the water fountain outside the window as you were getting your massage. It was super relaxing overall despite being almost fully nakey under two covers, haha. Vinh goes "does anyone fall asleep during their massage?" & Jenny goes "sometimes, we take that as a compliment!" :P

Our massage room

After our massage, we put on the robes they provided & we were led next door to room #4 for our hot tub & sauna time! We also had 50 minutes to just relax into the hot water. The spa provided a special blend of herbal tea for us to enjoy as we soaked in the water.

Hot tubbing with tea

View of the garden from room #4

With our robes & messed up hair

I'm a Japanese girl, haha

When we hit the 10 minutes left mark, they'd ring a bell to let us know to hit the shower & get ready to leave relaxation land.

Tote bag that carried our clothes

Goodbye room #4

After our lovely first spa experience, we headed back to San Jose before traffic got bad to take a nap. We were too relaxed to stay awake *giggle* After awaking, we went to have dinner at Vung Tau before calling it a night!


  1. Everything you guys do always looks so amazing! i love it!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great day!! Happy 6 months of marriage! Only the beginning of the rest of your lives together. :)

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Happy Anniversary Miss Annie! It looks like you two had a very lovely day <3 ! A message and all! Boy oh boy, you are one lucky lady <3 ! I am so glad you two had a great day! Looks beautiful down on the beach!

  4. What a relaxing sweet day! Congrats! I've never had a massage either. It sounds like a nice place to go:) love you as Japanese girl hee hee