Monday, February 4, 2013

Locks of Love

For those who have known me for a very long time, you would know that I have not had long hair since middle school. I chopped it all off to become more outgoing & to not be so shy as I entered high school. Anyhoo, my last haircut was back in May of 2011. I was going to cut my hair that winter, but Vinh proposed first so I decided to keep it long for our wedding. Now fast forward to February 2, 2013! My hair is finally at the minimum length to donate to Locks of Love!

Before & after

Locks of Love is basically an organization that collects donated hair to make hair prostheses (wigs) for children who are suffering from medical hair loss. It takes 3-4 people's worth of hair to make one prosthesis for a child in need. I really wanted to chop off my hair the day after my wedding, but decided to not waste my hair when a kiddo can use it. I waited for months & finally decided to cut it all off this past Saturday :)

My new hairdo!

I made an appointment at Hair Glamour & had Farzan cut my hair. I told her that I wanted to chop my hair off first to donate to Locks of Love before getting my hair cut & styled. She happily obliged & consulted with me about my new look, which turned out fab! This was the most I ever paid for a haircut ($45), but I didn't want some random person messing up my already short hair & Farzan was the girl for the job! I had my sister there documenting my mini journey since Vinh didn't want to see my hair being cut :P

Goodbye hair!

You have no idea how liberating it was for me to chop the hair off! I have been waiting ages & now my head feels so light! I have also been getting many a compliment at work today *giggle*

Me with my hair donation

If you have long hair & are thinking of cutting it, why not make a donation to Locks of Love? You can read about the donation requirements here :)


  1. I absolutely LOOOOVE your new hair look!!! It makes you look so mature and gorgeous, what a great look for you!!!
    Locks of Love is such an amazing organization... my daughter donated hers to them when she got her very first "chop" cut a few years back too. She had very long hair, and had never had it cut (trimmed a bit just to keep it neat, but not a big cut) and when she decided she wanted a short do, she wanted to do something wonderful with her hair that would help someone else in need. It was really cool experience. I cried, a lot... seeing my baby growing up. It was like watching her go from my little girl, to my big girl in the snip of a scissor. But it was awesome, I was very proud of her. :)
    I am getting my hair cut this weekend... my sister and I are taking my daughter, and we're going to have a girls pampering day. we're all getting our hair cut/styled, and our nails done. I am cutting off a lot of hair, so I will probably donate mine as well. :)

    Anyway... you look fantastic, dear! Thank you for sharing your mini journey, and the pictures to go with it! :)


  2. AHH! I posted about doing this last year! I can't wait to donate it! :) I'm just thankful they accept dyed hair. hehe.

  3. Damn, I thought I commented on this already! lol oops!
    I am proud of you for donating your hair! You are having ONE HELL OF A YEAR this year, donating & volunteering! Look at you go <3 !