Saturday, February 16, 2013

CMYE: Meet the Brewers 2013

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of attending the 4th annual Meet the Brewers Craft Beer Festival in the South Bay. How did I stumble upon such an event? Why I received a complimentary ticket ($35 value) thanks to Yelp! Vinh paid $5 to go in as my DD, hehe. I finally got to thank Abby (our community manager) for giving me the complimentary ticket for this event :)

Tiny beer glasses & everything beer!

I started off my beer drinking adventures with Strike Brewing Company's Blonde, 4.5%. It certainly gave me a kick in the mouth, lol. After chugging that one down just to get it over with, I headed over to my favorite vendor of the day: Rabbit's Foot Meadery! I got to sample both the raspberry & the black cherry ciders, which were both delish!

My favorite vendor of the day!

Raspberry cider ftw!

Afterwards, I went to Peter B's Brewpub for a S.O.S. Hefeweizen, 6.1%. I thought the hef would be wheaty like another hef I got in the past, but nope, it was strong as heck *sigh* Then I finally found the Firehouse Brewery & Grill to try both their Porter, 7.1% & IPA, 7.5%. I ended up liking the IPA better than their porter, but their hef is the best I've ever had (at their select locations). I finally ended up back at Rabbit's Foot Meadery for another raspberry cider before calling it quits. I drank 7 of the mini cups of beer, which ain't bad for a tiny Asian gal like me ;)

Vinh & I ended up getting a clam chowder from Sam's Chowdermobile before heading home. Thanks Abby for letting me have another new experience in the South Bay! Also thanks to Hermitage Brewery for hosting the festival :)

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  1. interesting post! don't get to drunk now ~~ hehe ^_^

  2. Nice! Now that looks like a lot of fun <3 :)