Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day whether you're taken or single because you are loved no matter what. Vinh & I decided to celebrate a teensy bit early by having dinner at Chevy's yesterday night. We shared a pineapple coconut margarita which was delish! Then I finally got to head to Satura for dessert to curb my cake craving *giggle*

Chevy's dinner & Satura desserts

Today, we had a dress up in red contest at work so I decided to partake. All my fellow coworkers & staff said that I was friggin' adorable & should win the contest (not that I cared to win, I just like dressing up). I ended up missing the contest because they held it earlier than the posted time. However, Jan (the administrator of the facility) was saying I should have won & told the contest people to give me a consolation prize for participating. I ended up getting $10 as my consolation prize ;)

My red outfit on a huge red exercise ball!

Vinh ended up picking me up from work & upon walking up to the car, I saw that he bought me a bouquet of red roses *giggle* I totally thought he wasn't going to get me anything since our half year anniversary was next week. What a gentleman! We decided to go out for dinner again since his mom lectured me on how we should go out & have fun before the babies arrive, lol.

My consolation prize & bouquet of roses

Now if you'll excuse us, a bottle of V. Sattui gamay rouge wine is calling our names :P


  1. I love your red outfit! That's awesome you were able to get a consolation prize!

  2. Dinner & Dessert looks amazing as always! I swear we better go to dinner when we meet up :) haha!

    OMG Annie - You look so friggin adorable! I absolutely adore that outfit :) :)

    LMFAO @ your mom!!! Nice!

  3. Anonymous9:43 AM

    OMG the food looks soooo amazing! :)
    Esp the dessert.