Sunday, February 10, 2013

CMYE: Good Karma Ball 2013

Today Vinh deemed it as "Annie's day" whereas I renamed it to "date day." Why? That's because we got to go attend the Good Karma Event for participating in Yelp Helps last month :)

We arrived to the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton about 15 minutes early, but we decided to check in early & semi-tour the country club. We got snazzy Yelp name tags & we decided to sit in front of the fireplace until the event opened up at 2PM.

Chillin' in front of the fireplace

As soon as the doors opened, I scanned the room to look for Poppy's table! Why? I wanted him to facepaint me again, duh! He remembered me from our last encounter *giggle* He made me another gorgeous facepaint for the event which I totally love (close-up to be seen later in this post). Thank you Poppy!

With Poppy

The place was absolutely swanky, as a country club should be I guess. The set up was spacious & every vendor had their own space without another blocking their way.

Yelp schwag, cupcakes & Chambord

After getting my face painted by Poppy, we went in search of the Laugh Box, which is a flipbook that features you doing something for 7 seconds! Vinh & I had a really cute flipbook (to be recorded & uploaded at a later time). One of the dudes running the flipbook booth really liked ours, haha! Then we headed to the bar right next to the Laugh Box for some cocktails. We ran into Scott & Marybeth (his temptress, lol) while we waited for our drinks to be made. I ordered the Chambord fleur de lis & it was delish!

Chambord fleur de lis & French ginger ale

Shortly after getting our drinks, it was Scott & Marybeth's turn for their flipbook. Here's only a glimpse of their flipbook, haha!

Marybeth & Scott

Vinh & I decided to head outside to take in the views & thoroughly enjoy our drinks on this beautiful sunny day!

I didn't drink both btw ;)

With my handsome date ;)

One of my favorite bites for the day was this mango-passionfruit macaron from La Boulange *drool* It was so heavenly, I went back for a second helping!


I wanted a shirt from the Naked company so while we tasted their different drinks, we also got to choose what 3 iron ons to put on shirt *giggle* I chose giving, love & sunrise for mine (seen below).

Yelpy good times & pride!

From the halftime mini speech from our lovely Yelp community managers Abby & Nique, we found out that yelpers volunteered 1,500+ hours! That is definitely something to celebrate today! After the mini speech, I went to get one last little drink & macaron before heading out :)

On my way out from the ball

Close-up of my facepaint :D

All my loot for the day :)

I left with quite a bit of schwag:

  • SJ Jazz CD & sticker
  • 3 Yelp sweat wristbands
  • Yelp tin of mints
  • Yelpstick chapstick
  • Yelp bottle opener
  • Yelp sunnies
  • 2 free meal coupons to Rubio's
  • 2 Laugh Box flipbooks
  • Naked t-shirt with customized front

Special thanks to Abby & Nique for planning such a wonderful event to attend on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon! I cannot wait for the next Yelp event :)

Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!


  1. Your face paint turned out so pretty! Love the colors he used! It looked like such a fun yelp event!I want to try all the drinks and yummy goodies haha :) you and vinh both looked super snazzy all dressed up and your outfit is super pretty!!

  2. Love the face painting!
    Flipbook looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see how yours turns out :)

  3. Swanky indeed!! How fun! As always I'm jealous of the face-painting...someday! And before I saw the caption, I totally thought you were double-fisting the alcohol. I was gonna say "Gee Annie, save some for Vinh!" :P