Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 on Tuesday #08

O1. I really dislike losing one hour of sleep on Sunday, ugh! Plus, I had to work so it was sucky x2. However, I do like having more daylight instead of darkness.

O2. Speaking of daylight... I shall be seeing Maroon 5 live tomorrow, eek! :D

O3. Another musically related note, I am awaiting March 14th so that I can buy the presale tickets for the Train, Gavin DeGraw & The Script tour. Yes, I'm a Gavin groupie, shut it ;)

O4. This past weekend was awesome because I had a mini class reunion at Elaine's surprise baby shower. Oh how I missed my OT All-Stars & our crazy laughter :D

Crazy OTs at the baby shower :P

O5. I totally recommend going to see Oz: The Great & Powerful. Not only were the graphics gorgeous & a great story by Disney, it has friggin' James Franco in it *drool*

Fangirl mode activate!

O6. BTW, I am the proud owner of Oz in a box aka Franco in a box thanks to my bestie's mother, LMAO!

I have Franco in my hands!

O7. Two coworkers in the social services department told me to "go home & multiply, make lots of babies" over the past weekend... I'll have babies when I want to dammit :P

O8. I'm liking the new original song by Alex Goot called "Secret Girl" ♥

O9. It's slightly crazy, but I'm on my way to finishing my 11th month of working as an occupational therapist! It's crazy that it's been almost a year since I passed my national board exam & started my journey to being a real OT!

1O. The end (yes, I cheated for this last one, haha) :P

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  1. YAY for Class Reunion! LOL :) Looks like you had fun though!!!

    I love more sunlight - Dislike less time :(