Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 on Tuesday #09

O1. "Every day she's my living addiction!" *dances*

O2. Hot damn was the Maroon 5 concert awesome! Check out the post here with photos & videos for your viewing pleasure ;)

Look at sexy Adam on that screen *drool*

O3. I am sooooo bummed that the Train, Gavin DeGraw & The Script concert in SF is sold out! I wanted to go see Gavin again *pouts*

O4. I had the pleasure to take Elaine's maternity photos yesterday in lieu of celebrating St. Patty's Day! I tried to use what my wedding photographer taught us, but I ain't now professional. However, I am damn proud of some of the cute shots I got! I shall post once I edit them up a bit :D
O5. I had a Coach bag craving this past weekend & so I had the hubs take me to the Coach outlet (such a good hubby) & I basically got a new bag for $97 (original $298), woot!

O6. Work place politics is like high school drama. Can't we all just get along? *eye roll*

O7. Speaking of work, I am flexed off today since we have low census again *sigh* Well, gotta take them days off while I still can ;)

O8. I'm still waiting for my company to change my last name so I can go change my name at the bank & credit cards... Oh the problems of a married woman who changed her last name. Yes, I realize it's been over 6 months since I got married, hush it! :P

O9. Add me on Bloglovin' since Google Reader is going bye bye on July 1st!

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1O. Cya next Tuesday! :P


  1. Oh, I would love to see Maroon 5 live!

  2. There will be work drama wherever you go. OMG, I hated having to change my name. Such an annoying process!! I've pretty much changed my name everywhere except for the gym. Haha.

  3. Getting your name changed is such a pain in the arse!!!

  4. Worplace dramas are so awful. Some of the most childish behavior I've never seen in my life.

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