Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Weekend

After a full week of work, I had a busy weekend ahead of me. Yesterday was Elaine's surprise baby shower! I woke up early to get ready to go buy her cake at Sogo Bakery before heading to her place while Valeen whisked her away for a few hours. I forgot her gifts at home so I had the mother-in-law drop it off for me, haha. I helped David (Elaine's hubby) decorate for the shower. Of course, I loved the fact that it was a mini class reunion & it wouldn't be an OT All-Star reunion without some alcohol, lol :P

Hennessy for the baby shower, lol!

Diaper cake that Vanessa made

After being out for three hours, Valeen finally brought Elaine back home. Prior to them arriving, David requested that we don't scare the preggo lady to death & induce her into an early labor. As Elaine walked up the stairs, we waited for her to turn around & then say surprise. Well when she turned around, she scared the crap out of herself, lol! She exclaimed "OMG! I peed a little, omg! David, how did you do all this?!" We about died laughing since we didn't even intend to scare her to death, haha. I got the sash the mama-to-be :)

Happy mama-to-be!

We all finally got to eat lunch around 2PM, we were all starving, haha. Afterwards, we had some games for the guests. The first one was where we had to guess how wide Elaine's belly was using ribbon. Jimmy won that round. Then we had to guess how many clothespins were in a container & Jimmy won again! The third game involved drinking beer the fastest from a baby bottle. You'd think that it'd take less than a minute to finish this game, but it took 3+ minutes to suck all the beer out. During that game, Vannary's daughter Destiny yelled "Suck it!" & we all about died laughing. She then proceeds to yell "I remember doing that. I was really good at it!" Valeen ended up being the winner & was dubbed "really good at sucking." The last game was guessing the flavors of seven different baby foods. I got 4/7 correct with Steph winning with 6/7 correct!

Baby bottle beer drinking

After all the games were through, we had Elaine open all her gifts. Debby & I's gift was open first *giggle* We loved how Meridith & Michelle got Elaine the exact same gift, lol!

Opening my gift :)

We finally got Elaine to cut the strawberry mousse cake I bought for her after gifts & it was devoured quickly by everyone in attendance!

Cake goodness!

With the mama-to-be!

Gotta love my OT All-Stars crew!

I probably stayed at the baby shower for a good five hours before heading back to my parents' place. I saw that I had a package from Paula & just had to open it. There was a big box inside wrapped in red paper so I opened it up to see James Franco in doll form as Oscar Diggs from his new movie Oz: The Great & Powerful! I about died laughing because I now own Franco in a box :P

James Franco in a box!

After having dinner with my parents, Vinh & I decided that we should go see Oz: The Great & Powerful before heading home. I ended up getting some free glossy posters for my besties *giggle* I really enjoyed the movie, I mean it had the charming James Franco in it. Plus, I never knew the story of Oz to begin with so that was fun. The movie was beautifully done :)

Fangirl as usual :P

Today was DST & I had to work, ugh! Good thing I only had half a day so I went into work an hour later so that I wouldn't miss too much sleep. Work was pretty easy overall. Afterwards, Vinh wanted to go eat at Shabuway for lunch since he was craving shabu, haha. Since it was such a nice day out, we decided to visit Hakone since we haven't been there since our wedding week. It was still beautiful as usual & oh so relaxing :)

Wonderful waterfall

Vinh doing an Asian squat on the bamboo rail

I failed at squatting on the rail, lol

So many chubby koi fish :3

The Moon Bridge

Pretty blooming tree

That was basically my weekend, busy as a bee! But I'd rather be super busy that be bored to death


  1. Elaine' s baby shower looked so fun! The mousse cake looked incredible! I want a slice! Yay for Franco in a box! *ewold* I haven't seen the movie yet can't believe you got free posters!! Woo hoo! Hakone still looks gorgeous! I miss it! What is shabu?

  2. I love surprise baby showers! Looks like you all had a really good time :) Luckily she wasn't scared into pregnancy! So what scared her? All those people? LOL she looks so cute preggers :) You are such a sweet friend Annie for setting this all up for her :) The cake looks delicious as well :)

    That place you & vinh went for lunch, I forgot the name already I know it's like abchu something looks really pretty :)