Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Madness

It feels like forever since my last real blog post! Anyhoo, lots of random stuff happened the last two weeks. Here's a quickie recap with photos :)

On March 16th, Vinh & I spent $599 on a 8-piece BergHOFF pot/pan set. We also got a wok, 7-piece knife set with wooden block/holder, 2 paring knives, portable induction stove & a strainer for free. We figured we might as well just start building up stuff we need so by the time we get a house, we'll have stuff! I must say I love my UFO-looking wok ;)

All our cooking goods!

Since we were already on a slight spending spree, I had an itch to buy a new Coach purse. Apparently, there was a 50% off discounted prices for handbags that I didn't know about because I got a lovely surprise at the register. The original price was $298 & I only ended up paying $97 (tax included), score! I love that I actually got a bigger bag & that it is very spring-y as well as suitable for summer ;)

New Coach bag :)

On St. Patty's Day, I had the pleasure of playing maternity photographer for Elaine & David. See their photos here.

Quotes we ran into during the shoot

I was flexed off work on March 19th so I was hanging out with my parents & sisters while Vinh worked. I received my octobabies charm bracelet from Oborocharms & love it! Look how cute they are :)


On March 22nd, one of patient's family brought in a sinfully delicious treat for us: caramel popcorn with chocolate & white frosting drizzled on top! *drool* I shall get diabetes for sure ;)

Om nom nom!

Since Vinh was stressed about work, we went to the Fireside Cafe & Gelato for dinner before heading the Valley Fair for a little walk. Vinh needed a projector adapter for my macbook air so we went to get that first. Then we went into the Swarovski store for fun where I saw a cute bunny keychain...for $115, yikes! Then we headed to Sanrio where I ran into the tokidoki unicorno series one mystery boxes. I decided to buy one & ended up with the second rarest unicorno in the series: Fumo!

$115 Swarovski bunny keychain

Fumo the unicorno

Yesterday March 22nd, Vinh & I decided to hangout at my parents' place for the day. I ended up receiving my pink pulse oximeter in the mail. yay! This OT finally owns a pulse ox, no more sharing at work!

Pretty pink pulse ox

Vinh & I also decided to head to Mitsuwa to try out Marion Crepes (famous crepe place in Japan) before they closed. Can you say deliciousness?! The whipped cream is friggin' delish! I got the strawberries with whipped cream & chocolate syrup while Vinh got the banana version. We devoured these suckers quickly!

Strawberries or bananas with whipped cream & chocolate syrup

Today, we decided to go pick up Lonnie so she could try Marion Crepes since today was their last day before they closed shop. I got the same one as yesterday, but added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it since it was hot out today. Absolutely perfect crepe *drool* Too bad they aren't here any longer :(

Marion Crepes = happiness!

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  1. Love the cookware! Expensive, but I've learned over the years, you get what you pay for when it comes to cookware! Looks like a it will be a great set for you!
    Also a good idea to start saving stuff now, so that when you do move in, you aren't spending lots to get what you absolutely NEED, you will already have it :)
    I am in LOVE with that Coach purse! If you catch them on Holidays, that's when they have the BEST sales! :) I just swiped a leather one, originally $500, for only $100 :) In love with that place :)

    Those Crepes look SOO YUMMY! I've never had one before, always wanted to try! They have a place called Roosters here, who is really big on them!

    You are just the busy bee Miss Annie <3 :) I am glad you doing well!