Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Color Run SF 2013

I had the pleasure of participating in my second Color Run yesterday with my fellow Rainbow Hospice  teammates!

On Thursday, Vinh & I took 1.5 hours to drive up to Sports Basement in SF to pickup our packets for some of our teammates & ours. We decided to look around the store to see if we wanted to use our 10% discount, but did not get anything unfortunately. I ended up buying a rainbow tutu from the Color Run store though ;)

Follow the colorful duct tape sign!

Our 5 packets from pickup!

Yesterday was actual race day! Brenda & Sonya met up at my parents' place so that we could all carpool together up to SF. Linda met us there since she had to go pick up her packet still. We got dressed up & obviously had to take before photos while we were still white :P

Just the 4 of us beforehand

I finally got Vinh's bib on

After arriving, I went in search for Linda so that I could give her Ellen's bib (since she couldn't make it) so that her hubs Edwin could join in on the fun! I ended up finding Edwin first even though I've never met him & gave him the bib...then Linda pops up a minute later, haha. Their daughter Keira would experience her very first 5k *giggle*

Linda & I with her daughter Keira in the stroller

Group photo before the 5k began!

We all got in line to get our before photo taken by the professional photographer before getting in line to begin our 5k together (shall be inputed when it's available for download)!

While waiting in line, a lot of the participants were too excited to wait to use their packets of color so we ended up being color-fied before even starting to run! Vinh ended up opening 2 packets of color & we had at each other with it, haha. Our wave was called the "fun wave" since the guy at the starting line couldn't categorize us.

Let's get started already!

Right out of the gate & around the corner, we decided to stop & take a group photo with the gorgeous scenery behind the fence before continuing onwards. Apparently, multiple other participants did the same thing. Quite a hilarious site since this didn't happen last year, lol :P

Team Rainbow Hospice

Ever 1k-ish, there'd be a color zone where you'd get tossed with color. The zones were (in order): yellow, orange, purple water, blue, pink & green water.

First zone: yellow!

We lost Sonya after the blue zone somehow. She thought we ran ahead & reached the pink zone while Brenda, Vinh & I were still in the blue zone, lol. We decided to run towards the pink zone, but decided to get a photo with the runicorn! Brenda had a wee affair with him *cough* ;)

Mid-run runicorn affair

Right before we hit the pink zone, I saw a sign & told Brenda "we have to take a photo in front of it!" It was for all our ladies over at PinkPlace ;) Vinh was taking the photo with my iPhone & as we're standing there posing next to the sign, he goes "why is it recording?!" He accidentally turned my camera to video & couldn't figure out how to change it back, haha. We had lovely footage of Brenda's shoes caught on vid! Afterwards, we got tossed full of pink & reunited with Sonya.

We love pink!

After the pink zone, we decided to run towards the finish line where we were promptly sprayed with green water before crossing the finish line!

Finish line!

We saw a Color Run car that we just had to have a photo with before being told to move out of the way because the Chevrolet peeps were taking photos :P

Color Run car import models? ;)

Obviously, after photos were totally in order!

We so happy & colorful!

Us ladies are quite color fabulous!


Vinh & I's pose from last year

Afterwards, we got in line to get our after photo taken by the professional photographer again (shall be inputed when it's available for download). We saw this sign & again had to take another group photo in front of it :)

We will also sweat the color off ;)

The Color Run!

I will have to say that this time around was so much more fun with more people to join us! Thanks Brenda, Sonya, Linda, Edwin & Keira for joining Vinh & I this time around :)

If you're interested in participating, check out if there's one coming to a city near you here!


  1. That looks like SOOOOOOOOO much fun! I seriously cannot wait to do it here <3 !

  2. So much fun! I haven't been able to participate in a color run yet, but I totally plan too!

    I love, love, love the tutu's!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Love all the photos! <3

  4. I had so much fun with you guys! That color didn't wash out of the clothes, by the way -- it stained through two layers of shirts AND the bra. :P LOL! Sorry I couldn't stick around for longer to hang out...hopefully I shall see you next month! =)