Saturday, March 2, 2013

YEE: Cinequest VIP Soiree & Film Screening

On February 27, I attended my first Yelp elite event! What made it special was that the Yelp elite members were on a special guest list among other people. The event for the night? Cinequest's VIP soiree & a free film screening of The Sapphires courtesy of Yelp!

Quickie summary of our night!

Vinh was my +1 for the night naturally, hehe. We got to the soiree a few minutes late since we got out of work a teensy bit late, but that's alright since the soiree was already in full swing! The soiree was held at ZERO1, an art & technology network place. We got checked it & all I had to say was that I was "yelp elite" & my name & we were in, no ID check at all! We saw that there was a table pouring Stella Artois beer so we decided to jump on that first since we needed an alcoholic beverage after a tiring day at work. What was cool was that we got to keep our cool beer glasses, woot!

Vinh & I with our beer

Upon first entering ZERO1, we noted this very modern & tech-y pink piece/landscape. It kind of reminded me of Dr. Seuss with the fuzzy parts & bright colors. After getting our beers, we met another pair of Yelp elites & chatted for a bit before we went to explore the rest of the place.

Pink modern art landscape

We ended up hitting the snack table since we were hungry from work. The strawberries were so sweet! We ate our yummy snacks on this cool rope ladder couch, which was surprisingly very comfy! Then we headed to this new Lego-type toy table to play & make our own models. I made a heart outline (seen in collage above).

Other people's models

We then went to sit near the pink modern art landscape & we ran into a Yelp elite member that we met at the Good Karma Ball! We chatted with her a bit while she waited for her hubby to join her at the soiree. Afterwards, we left the soiree a little bit early to grab a quickie dinner before the film screening!

The signs said to go play so I did!

The line entering the California Theatre was ridiculously long, but the wait didn't last very long as it moved very quickly! The staff working were very friendly which I liked :)

In line waiting to get in

Upon entering the theatre, you kind of travel back in time with the beautiful interior that felt so glamorous yet warm & inviting. We read that it was nice to watch movies from the balcony so we made our way upstairs.

What you see when you enter

Lobby on the top floor

Vinh & I got the center seats for the movie in the middle balcony, score!

Center seats to see center stage, baby!

We had the pleasure of watching The Sapphires, based on a true story about an aboriginal quartet of girls that go to perform for the U.S. troops in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. One of my favorite Australian singers, Jessica Mauboy, was in the film so that was a pleasant surprise in itself for me :)

I won't give any spoilers, but this is a must see movie when it comes to theaters mid-late March! There was never a dull moment & the story was told beautifully. Learn a little bit about Australian history & listen to some great music in this feel good movie!

Thanks Yelp for the complimentary tickets & for another great event, especially my first Yelp elite event!

Want to know more about Yelp Elite & Yelp community events? Just ask & I'll gladly answer, just be sure to leave your contact info!

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  1. I really need to get update to on this YELP stuff!
    Looks like you two had a lot of fun tho <3 !